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MAAM - Museum of Applied Arts in Mobile - the ALDO MORELATO FOUNDATION recognized by King

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MAAM - Museum of Applied Arts in Mobile - the ALDO MORELATO FOUNDATION recognized by King it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di jessica zannori

With a resolution dated October 28 2013 the junta Veneto Region has recognized the interest of the local Museum of Applied Arts in MobileEstablished in 2008 from Foundation Aldo Morelato located in the prestigious Villa Dionisi in Cerea (Verona). The historic home of the plain of Verona dates back to the eighteenth century and has been restored to its original beauty after a long restoration ended in 2003. 

The company Morelato with its Foundation Aldo Morelato, Built in memory of the founder of the family and the founder, for over a decade enhances and promotes the culture and tradition of the Veneto region in the world. By continuous research of the Foundation, under the direction of Ugo La Pietra, has created and consolidated Museum of Applied Arts in Mobile (MAAM). A wide collection of works created in the last thirty years architects and designers on the international scene in relation to the evolution of modern living.

All the furniture is produced by the Morelato company which testifies its attitude and attention to the historical production of furnishing objects and to the continuous design research. In the museum there are collections, such as the one mentioned "Homage to Gio Ponti", Inspired by styles and "masters" of the design of the last century, the winning projects of the International Competition "Significant Furniture", Numerous editions of important architects and works illustrating and many names on the contemporary scene have donated to the organization among the many Michele De Lucchi, Fabio Novembre, Aldo CibicPaolo Deganello, Paola Navone, Marco Ferreri, Paul Palucco and among the last Mario Botta. The Archistar presented a session, CHAISE MORELATOThat in view of the great success it became part of the collection Morelato.

The MAAM which is located at the headquarters of the Aldo Morelato Foundation, is presented to the public as a particular reality of "museum within a museum." Precious design objects are hosted and welcomed in the frescoed rooms of this stately residence transformed into true works of art. A perfectly successful meeting between tradition and design research.

This institutional recognition is demonstration and proof of continuous done in time by the Foundation Aldo Morelato.

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