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LED lighting: the art of communicating with light

LED lighting: the art of communicating with light it has been modified: +2015 di sarat

December was the 20 2013 when UNESCO proclaimed international year 2015 is the light that the technology based on it.

There are many steps forward that the technology has made in the field of lighting, one of these was the use of LED in different areas: from urban industry to the residential homes.

A job that he married perfectly with the art, since the different colors and types of LED lamps led many artists to use them as a means of expression, creating wonderful installations all over the world. One above all is Field of Light by Bruce Munro, in the first major solo exhibition, LIGHT!

A fairytale garden bright consists 9.500 6.000 glass spheres and rods in LED illuminated Pennsylvania Longwood Gardens Philadephia allowing people to walk in an artificial landscape surreal extremely evocative. Munro has always been attentive to the Low energy consumption and respect for the environment through sustainable practices, so as to transform the landscape without damaging it in any way, that's why it prefers the use of LED lighting, functional and now chosen by millions of people around the world.

The LEDs represent the ' evolution of lighting, For the various advantages that derive from their use. Compared to traditional light bulbs, in fact, the LEDs generate heat but do not hold within them, a process that leads to a reduced power consumption. LED lamps also have an average life greater than other lamps, their maintenance costs are reduced, they emit short ultraviolet and through their use can reduce greenhouse CO2 atmosphere. Why are more and more is the people who choose this type of lighting that Retailers LED lamps in Italy and in the world.

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LIGHT! -of-Bruce-Munro-5_hg_temp2_l_full_l

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