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Visual Designer: who he is and what it looks exactly

Visual Designer: who he is and what it looks exactly it has been modified: 2022-06-02 di Greta Lomaestro

The Visual Designer is the one who develops graphically all the materials to create visual communication, or offline, to a company or brand.

The Communication is a key aspect for any type of business or commercial operation. We distinguish generally two modes of communication:

- Online communication, Namely that for users of the website or carried out through the digital channel;

- The advertising real, Ie offline, also defined as visual communicationWhich is instead made of concrete supports that convey a message of text and image, vital in many different contexts: fairs and press conferences, from conferences to hotel hospitality, from retail travel agencies.

One of the professional principles that lies behind the visual communication is the Visual Designer. The visual designer is not only concerned to do graphics, is not only an artist or an experienced, engaged in putting together colors and forms, is not only a creative.

The visual designer is the one who has the task of developing visual materials designed to create an experience, to communicate messages in the most effective way possible. It is up to him all that part of the industrial design that designs and produces a certain type of products defined as products graphic / multimedia.

Typography, graphic (publishing, print and web) video editing, Photography, illustration, color, icon design, InfoVis, prototyping, advertising, copywriting, branding, events ... are a thousand things that will incorporate all of the same macro-called Visual Design.

The visual is then a macrocosm, worthy of any other branch of design, where one can find a lot of theoretical and technical activities. These activities are living in parallel or merge, they have their own voice, speak and express, create synesthesia and "environments" immersive experiences and emotions.

Visual communication is an essential factor for all activities and are more and more companies are asking the advice of third parties to make sure. Very interesting in this regard is the service offered by the portal of experts specialized in sales and consulting in the field of visual communication.

Design pinned on noticeboard

Design pinned on noticeboard


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