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The lacquered as he had never seen: Phila Phila and Interior

phila Interior
The lacquered as he had never seen: Phila Phila and Interior it has been modified: 2014-01-21 di Linkness

The two collections, and Phila Phila Interior, presented by Phi doors have been designed and built with the idea to join the request to connote the door of refined modernity.

Only in this perspective and through an intensive study on the color, a team of experts in interior design has given new look to the lacquered, without neglecting any detail and respecting the quality standards Phi Doors.

The line Phila differs for a wide range of colors, available in glossy and matte, which is necessary as a solution to different aesthetic.

Within the collection is presented the exclusive line Phila Interior, developed with the collaboration of the study Aranxlu, with engravings continued until the end of the panel. The result is a strong aesthetic impact, in which the lines and read framing the space.

The customization includes the ability to choose between five different types of locks, including insertion of magnetic locks.

Also you can opt for either the type of venaggio that profiles, which can be completed by incisions or by elegant aluminum inserts.

The products of the two elegant collections, and Phila Phila Interior, can be realized on the surface Sincroporo, ensuring a painting open pore.

With concealed hinges total and the particular edge of the panels, each door fits in a discreet and allows a perfect fit.

On the site of Phi Doors are shown all the proposals:

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