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Show bla bla Milano Makers, Fabbrica del Vapore - Fuorisalone 2013

Show bla bla Milano Makers, Fabbrica del Vapore - Fuorisalone 2013 it has been modified: 2017-04-07 di jessica zannori

Inside the Cathedral of Willpower Milan Makers presents the exhibition bla bla edited by Alessandro MendiniWith preparation of Duilio Forte, coordinated by Cesare Castelli, in co-production with the Department of Culture, Fashion and Design of the Municipality of Milan and with the patronage of the Cologni Foundation of Art Professions. Composed of 2 sections, the exhibition aims to promote and enhance non-serial and autonomous productions in the field of design.

Bla Bla is a Virtual Thread installation video and play it on a big screen, projected in loop, collecting many self-statements theory of international designers. Under Bla Bla Examples will be presented a series of small exhibitions on topics that are of interest to the definition of the problems in place.

  • "Hand and terracotta", edited by Maria Christina Hamel
  • "Terra raw", edited by Mina Bardiani and Claudia Mendini
  • "Duet", edited by Anna Gili
  • "ArkiZoic Bellum", curated by Duilio Forte
  • "Recession Design", edited by Recession Design
  • "Materiaprima", curated by Alessandro Marelli
  • "Natural Design Exhibition", curated by Maurizio Corrado
  • "New Resins", edited by Carmine Deganello with FabLab Amsterdam
  • "MMM Milan Music Makers", curated by Caroline Heel

Ulaola, the first online boutique of Italian self-produced, will structure and manage the e-shop in Milan Makers where you can view and purchase the works in the exhibition identified by a QR Code. identify the participants in the exhibition contest winner Swart.

The square of FdV host the work of Duilio Forte Sleipnir Ciclofono: An installation in wood 15 meters high that will dialogue with the setting Bla Bla and sustainability issues.

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