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Fuorisalone 2016: Materials Village at Superstudio

materials Village
materials Village
Fuorisalone 2016: Materials Village at Superstudio it has been modified: 2016-03-07 di jessica zannori

Materials Village, the hub Material ConneXion Italy dedicated to materials, new technologies and sustainability, it makes it big at the third edition of the event. In this context, the latest in materials library will be presented.

The 2016 edition has grown to occupy the whole outdoor area of ​​Superstudio garden and two adjacent areas. The format successfully tested in previous editions, consists of "little houses" like in a real "village", each dedicated to a project connected to the world of materials and production processes.

The fields of application are varied: ceramics, textiles, architecture, interior, decor, appliance, packaging and lighting up the finish.

Over 30 companies involved including: 3M, Beko, Christian Fischbacher, Elits, Gemanco Design, IPM Italy, Merck, Novacolor, Oltremateria, XL EXTRALIGHT, Tileskin.

This special installation of 3M, born from the collaboration between Design 3M and Stefano Boeri: Sustainable perfect combination of architecture, materials technology and applied science.

Numerous events are planned, including:

  • Cooking show with Alessandro Borghese, Beko testimonial, a leader in the home appliance industry. In these evenings will represent the company, exploring the theme of color. Open to the public Superstudio. 12-13-15-16 April, 17.00-20.00 hours.
  • Evening dedicated to designers and architectural firms. A special opportunity to meet designers and architects. Participation by invitation. Wednesday April 13, 18.00-21.00 hours.
  • Library Space Ansaldo, debate "Architecture and Matter, between natural and artificial", with the architect Stefano Boeri and Erick Quint, Chief Design Officer 3M and other architects. 14 Thursday April, at .17.00.
materials Village

materials Village

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