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Ecocentric in Moa house 2013 winter edition

Ecocentric in Moa house 2013 winter edition it has been modified: 2013-10-23 di Annarita Mameli Violetta Canitano

26 3 from October to November, kicks off a new edition of Moa Casa at the New Fair of Rome.

Lo Smart Form space conceived and coordinated by the architect Michele Fanfulli with Erika D'Elia and Stefano Fanfulli, sponsored by Tomea plastics (2 stand 25 stand), will offer in Luxury Edition a très chic space dedicated to those with a passion for life and design.

Among the guest designers at this space (ANTONIO LAI DESIGN, ENJOY GIOIELLI, ERIKA D'ELIA DESIGN, MICHELA FERRARI ANTDESIGN, PASQUALE FIASCONARO, HANG DESIGN, NSD FACTORY and RE-LAB), It will also feature the brand ecocentric.

With more and more attention paid to reusing and recycling, Ecocentriche will present in an absolute preview and in esclause for Moa casa something original and at the same time glamor: the new armchair DONUT made of rubber, iron and ecological elastic material all strictly recycled. The surprises will continue with other creations like the new Lamp SCARABOCCHIO big editionIn lanyard animated, the new coffee table BUBBLE made entirely of cardboard with glass cover and lamps and playful green HOUSES available in different compositions and customizable, also realized in recycled cardboard.

During the event will propose some ecocentric free workshops dedicated to the art of Furoshiki, Aimed at those who want to test their creativity with fancy learning how to make eco-friendly packaging and cloth bags.

Exhibition hours:

working h 15.00-20.00
Holidays 10.00-20.00 8.00 ticket €

smart event form:



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