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Sync Iris Ceramica collection, modern graphics for interior design

Sync collection of Iris Ceramica
Sync Iris Ceramica collection, modern graphics for interior design it has been modified: 2015-11-09 di Benedict Flowers

Sync collection Iris Ceramica is a line of indoor and outdoor ceramic floor coverings and floors designed to offer multiple compositional cues thanks to the variety of sizes, color variations and decorative elements.

Warm and cold nuances, seven sizes and three surfaces - natural, lapped and outdoor - dialogue together offering a creative and original approach to interior decoration.

For the upholstery formats, the collection presented exclusively at Cersaie 2015 takes its inspiration from the preciousness of velvet, the absolute protagonist of current fashion trends, reinterpreting the nuances and contrasts of light of this noble fabric through striking decorative textures. The attention to detail and the meticulous craftsmanship of the decoration exalt the resolute character of Sync, giving the surfaces a pleasant tactile and visual pleasantness.

With Synk, the material expresses its natural characteristics in a perfect balance of shapes and colors that defines the space and tells the personality of its inhabitants.

Iris ceramic 08 Sync Collection

Iris ceramic 07 Sync Collection

Iris ceramic 05 Sync Collection

Iris ceramic 04 Sync Collection

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