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"Casa Castiglioni" performance Giovanna Castiglioni and Marco Marzini

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"Casa Castiglioni" performance Giovanna Castiglioni and Marco Marzini it has been modified: 2013-12-04 di jessica zannori

The foundation Achille Castiglioni It invites you to the open day House Castiglioni, traveling exhibition born in Abitami Fiera in Milan, in 2011, and continued in Rome and Mantua thanks to De Padova and Palermo, the Zisa Castle.

House Castiglioni returned to Milan because it falls within one of the many challenges posed by the Foundation: this time the goal is to recreate a house situated in an architectural firm, turned into a museum by 2006 where constantly are told stories of unique projects, often unpublished.

The exhibition tells, through a simple set-up, dynamic, interactive, some of projects by the Castiglioni brothers who have made the history of Italian design along with anonymous objects of yesterday and today. Space, set up like a real living accommodation, is experienced because every object has a definite place, designed for a specific function.

Giovanna Castiglioni and Marco Marzini, The curators of the exhibition are the unique performances of the actors animating House Castiglioni during the open day, the inauguration and, on request, Thursday evening, during the exhibition will run until February 22 2014.

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