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Eduardo Souto de Moura 4Rooms Porto credits Luis Ferreira Alves.JPG holidays between architecture and design it has been modified: 2013-02-07 di Luisa Carts

 Eduardo Souto de Moura, 4rooms Porto, credits: Luis Alves Ferrera

All accommodation facilities the same? Mass hotel? Mainstream holidays? No, there are places where you can experience a different holiday, made of style, architecture and design. And there is a portal that collects and proposes these places. Is called urlaubsarchitektur o holidayarchitecture (for those who prefer to visit its English version), strongly desired by Jan Hamer, architect and demanding traveler, who has long selected fascinating places, often owned by other architects, able to act as a perfect synthesis between the architectural value of the structure, the elegance of the renovations, the taste and sobriety of the furnishings, designed to enhance the rooms, but above all to make the stay of those who rent them comfortable and unique.

The houses today hosted by urlaubsarchitektur are more than 200 scattered in Europe and overseas: some sustainable, able to blend in with the surrounding landscape all; most award-winning and / or signed by great architects such as "Zumthor Ferienhäuser " by Peter Zumthor in Vals / Graubünden in Switzerland, the B&B "4 rooms Porto"Eduardo Souto de Moura in Porto / Portugal,"The Long House"Sir Michael and Lady Patty Hopkins Norfolk / England, or houses of promising newcomers such as Jan Henrik Jansen ("Black & Bright"On the Danish island of Moen) and ventira.architekten ("aradira"Lt is"refugio Laudegg"Austria / Tyrol).

Jan Henrik Jansen Black and Bright credits Andrea Glatzke 001

Jan Henrik Jansen, Black & Bright, credits: Andrea Glatzke

The offer of urlaubsarchitektur is constantly growing so much so that the will of its founder, Jan Hamer, is to insert new homes, new accommodation facilities, in particular for architects who have to propose "made in Italy" projects in line with the style and philosophy of urlaubsarchitektur.

URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR Borgo Tranquillo credits

Andrew Frank, Quiet village, Credits:

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