TOC TOC guesthouse in Florence

TOC TOC guesthouse in Florence it has been modified: 2012-03-02 di Benedict Flowers

From an idea of Nicole Valenti the project was born of an innovative guesthouse in central Florence. TOC TOC guesthouse It is located near the Duomo and is an alternative way to stay dedicated to tourists who want to visit this beautiful city.

The project started in March 2011 with will open a glimpse of contemporary and fresh in the Florentine 'landscape still closely tied to the glories of the Renaissance, this is not to erase the past, but to create a bridge of dialogue between history and present with a lively look and ironic into the future.


"The restructuring and fixed furniture was designed by architect Francesco Santoni with which they are linked by a friendship creative for years, in addition to being housed with my study in its cultural association Form study. As it regards the rest of the furniture from the beds to the lamps etc. The project was managed by Peraria study to which I belong together with Isabella and Enrico DiGiovannantonio Grott, we have designed and produced various pieces of furniture and we decided to put them directly in sale inside the guesthouse which in turn becomes a showroom ever changing, as gradually the furniture will be replaced and will therefore always be a work in progress open to collaboration with other young artists and designers who will be able to sell their works. What we seek is in fact also dialogue and cooperation with other young professionals to create a creative network. "




"Another initiative that was born with this project is a new guide that indicates the places of Florence who lived in this city we live, to take guests through paths that we perform in our days, to go shopping at the market behind home, stopping for lunch in the tavern where now you know and you pamper with great food at a very reasonable, and then in the evening go for a drink in the little place where they live music, which is in a way a bit 'hidden where tourists usually do not come. "

This guesthouse will host many new projects during the year related to art, design and tourism, there will be initiatives and surprises for customers, to provide a complete vacation to pamper the guests will feel at home in a special place , unique and comfortable, to accompany him in making him see the city from a new perspective, proposing alternatives always fresh, young and curious.








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