The ANAS Smart Road Center is born in Rome: a cutting-edge campus for sustainable mobility designed by Giancarlo Zema

ANAS Smart Road Center
The ANAS Smart Road Center is born in Rome: a cutting-edge campus for sustainable mobility designed by Giancarlo Zema it has been modified: 2023-04-03 di Benedetto Fiori

ANAS, the public company of the Italian motorways, has inaugurated the first campus in Europe dedicated to the development and promotion of Smart Road and Green Island technologies in Rome. The project, signed by Giancarlo Zema Design Group, has transformed two farmhouses and a one-hectare park into an open-air exhibition space, where it is possible to get to know and touch high-design elements with the most advanced technologies for the Smart City.

The challenge of the project was to integrate the traditional character of rural architecture with innovative solutions and design. The park has been transformed into an open-air exhibition area with photovoltaic technology capable of producing over 50 kW with street furniture inspired by the forms of nature. The urban design collections, such as Lotus, Pod and Stone by Luminexence, are born from the lawn, giving light and energy to the park.

The interiors of the farmhouses have been renovated respecting the original painting of the facades in the typical brick red of the roadmen's houses, but transformed internally into modern Hub-Lab-Academy with a welcome area, cafeteria, services, Smart Road control centre, exhibition areas, meeting rooms, press areas and coworking spaces. The spaces are furnished with eco-sustainable materials and design furnishings specially designed to make the spaces functional and emotional, communicating the idea of ​​a more use-friendly and environmentally friendly technology.

The Smart Road Center in Rome is a riot of eco-sustainable organic forms and a particular bright green one, the one specially selected for the creation of the ANAS Green Islands - Charging stations and rest areas that will be located in the coming years along the Italian highways for recharge electric cars and give travelers the pleasure of stopping in eco-sustainable areas.

With the Smart Road Center in Rome, ANAS becomes an international point of reference for sustainable mobility. The advanced campus with high emotional impact contributes to the promotion of Smart Road and Green Island technologies, promoting a more eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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