Danilo Pirro / Enrico Lattes The architect found

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June at the 12 17,30 at the hall "Paul Candelori" Charity foundation of Terni, will be presented the book of Arch. Danilo Sergio Pirro "HENRY LATTES - ARCHITECT RITROVATO"Published by Gangemi Editore Roma.

The book is the result of research on the human and professional story of Henry Lattes architect author, with Bravetti and Staderini, the plan of Terni of 1934.

Died prematurely at the age of 30 years after a car accident Enrico Lattes was born in Pitigliano, son of Azzaria Lattes, mayor of Monte Argentario, a prominent Jewish community.

Its activity crosses national borders, when in the late '20 moved to Tripoli, where he worked on the project of the Trade Fair. Enters strongly in the debate on the architecture of the time which is between the rationalists "progressives" and "nationalist" defenders of the classical tradition of Italian culture in the lands overseas.

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  • Greetings from the authorities.
    • Dott. Mario Fornaci, President Foundation CARIT
    • Mayor of Terni, On Leopoldo Di Girolamo

Chair: Arch. Francesco Andreani - Association URBES

  • Presentations by:
    • Arch. Aldo Tarquini already Planning Manager City of Terni
    • Prof. Arch. Giorgio Muratore - Professor of History of Contemporary Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture "Valle Giulia" - Rome
  • Screening of a film on the work of the architect Lattes.

There will be: Mario and Elena Lattes

Chiara Quintilii Apolloni: cell. 3774963555

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