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RENOVATED HOUSE IN CAMPAIGN IN AN ENVIRONMENTALLY it has been modified: 2012-07-17 di Enrica Garuglieri

The motivation that pushes more than any other to buy a house in the country, especially if you live in a big city is the need to have a stronger relationship with nature.
One way to meet even more their desire for nature and natural, if you're lucky enough to have its own house in the country, is to renovate and furnish it with measures related to the issues environmentally friendly and energy saving; because nature not only surround and envelop the house with his embrace of peace and well-being, but even arrivals to live inside the house.

Our goal is to build or renovate a house taking into account the solutions to achieve greater energy savings.
It is also important to protect the house from any kind of pollution, from the acoustic to the air, passing through the electromagnetic one.
There are other little tricks that can make your home country an ecological house in all respects; among these, hydraulic systems that are able to reduce the consumption of water, windows that promote a continuous and proper air exchange, windows and bearing materials that make the most of natural light, and a lighting system for the interior who can distribute as more effective artificial light.
With our kit Dream House we are able to help you achieve a sustainable renovation of your house in the country, working for a long time in the environment and nature; our commitment is to make sure that your home country can, tell those natural elements of which you felt more strongly the need.

To see an example of a country house built by Dream House click this link

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