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New project in Kazakhstan: Francesco Pasi signs the living area of ​​a luxury apartment

New project in Kazakhstan: Francesco Pasi signs the living area of ​​a luxury apartment it has been modified: 2019-08-23 di terzomillennium

The realization of a new project by Francesco Pasi has just ended. In fact, the Italian company has furnished the living area and dining room of a luxury apartment in Kazakhstan. This brand new apartment is located in a modern building on several floors in the city of Astana.

The client, through the designer, chose the furnishings of the Ellipse Collection, captured by the lines, finishes and materials offered. Thus the living / dining area of ​​110 mq dressed in a contemporary mood with light classic references, featuring rosewood, Calacatta Gold marble, metals, soft and luxurious fabrics and nubuck.

For the furniture - table, coffee table, sideboard - the 100 gloss brilliant finish was identified, as we wanted to give a touch of maximum brightness to the surfaces, enhancing the veins of the rosewood in the doors and drawers. For the couches and chairs were selected a light dove-colored nubuck, which contrasts with the clarity of wood, marble and metal. The decorative cushions of the sofa are in bright satin fabric to enhance the contrast between the white, black and blue / turquoise colors. The soft and sinuous profiles of upholstered furniture are opposed to the straight, geometric lines of the furniture, fireplace and decorations behind the TV wall.

Calacatta gold onyx precious stones and gilded metals are combined with chandeliers and lighting. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, thanks to the mix of materials and shades present: from the wood color to ivory and taupe.

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