Workshop Leonia, Retrain Piazza Borgo Dora, Torino

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Redevelop Piazza Borgo Dora with street furniture installations made in self-construction and with the use of "waste" Izmo organizes a participatory planning workshop and DIY within the Leonia project, Winner of the call Generation Creative, organized by the Compagnia di San Paolo.

From 18 16 May to June, to 4 weekend (Excluding the 2 3-June), on Friday and Saturday participants will design and implement a series of installations in order to redevelop the Porta Palazzo district in Turin. The intervention area identified in collaboration with District 7 and The gate will be the square in front of the Cavalli Barracks - Ex Arsenale Borgo Dora (Piazza Borgo Dora - Turin). Participants, in the face of a introductory lesson in which they will present results of the research phase of Leonia, Will be accompanied in design phase that will end with the creation of urban furnishing products helpful to the redevelopment of Piazza Borgo Dora.
The self-construction phase will housed inside the Cecchi Point workshop and will be used materials provided by Izmo (Recovered before they are considered waste) and by companies associated with the Industrial Union (By-products).
The laboratory is open to all students of grade and origin, to professionals and to anyone interested in the themes of urban redevelopment, self-construction and self-produced design with the use of "waste". Subscribers will be provided with all the materials and tools necessary for the realization.

Thing: Workshop Leonia
Subject: Redevelop Borgo Dora square with street furniture installations made in self-construction and with the use of "waste"
When: 18 May - 16 June 2012 (4 weekends - Friday and Saturday)
Where: Turin, Italy
Timetables: 9: 00 - 19: 00pm
How to: lessons, progettazone, realization
Organization: Izmo with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo, Cecchi Point e Industrial Union of Turin
Cost: 40 € (5 € per meeting)

Izmo born in 2006 in Turin and is involved in participatory processes, local development, architecture, design and new media.
The name derives from the assonance with the isthmus, a thin line of land that unites two territories: our research area is in fact the territory, a place of relationships between individuals and spaces, and our mission is to unite the territories with each other , citizens with the territory and with each other through urban redevelopment interventions and installations; organization of seminars, meetings and workshops; development of collaborative web platforms. In all cases, Izmo's activities and actions come from reading and listening to the places and citizens affected by the interventions.

For registration and info
To register for the laboratory you must send your application with CV attached to the address: by 16 May 2012.

Izmo - made to gather
FitzLab - Via Aosta, 8 - 10152 - Turin - Italy
Pasquale Onofrio: + 39 340 5328632
Alessandro Grella: + 39 328 4838858

more information , here

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