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DREAM HOUSE AND OUR STUDIO OF ARCHITECTURE DESIGN MADE IN ITALY IN THE WORLD it has been modified: 2012-07-31 di Enrica Garuglieri


The economic impact contemporary critic gravosamente on market confidence and funding architecture and design, consequently several professionals decide to move or work for emerging countries to stay in business, and do not wait or new customers or just compensation for their actions.
It is precisely for this reason that there is Holiday Dream, which seeks to reach out to new markets in the developing world, thanks to the innovative idea to renovate homes liaising with the client exclusively through email, Skype, and telephone.

In this way with Casa da Sogno our architectural firm can remain operational working, as well as in Italy, even for distant countries, where the demand of design and architecture Made in Italy is higher.
The survey Epson 20 | 20 Vision, based on 500 depth telephone interviews with small, medium and large architectural firms in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the UK, analyzed the European market architecture between now and 2020 revealed that although the 52% of Italian architectural firms operating in Italy, as many as 48% follows other projects in other European countries and the 12% deals with international projects.
The survey also revealed that Italian architects look to the markets of developing and emerging stronger on the market, and intend to go in the near future in Central and Eastern Europe (46%), Central (42%) and in ' Eastern Asia (41%).
These results were discussed at a meeting of industry experts including Professor Antonello Stella University of Ferrara, who said: "The Italian architects have to go where there is growing markets in Asia, and perhaps, in the future also in Africa .
It is not just an opportunity, but an essential factor to stay in business and prosper. "
In addition, the Asian market has always been interested and intrigued than our design and fashion strictly Made in Italy, as confirmed by Maria Luisa Trussardi Gavazzeni in a recent interview with Corriere della Sera: "[...] if fashion Made in Italy is growing, despite all, it is because the system is not to be seen only in key Italian or European.
There are the new rich, the market [...] of the new rich spending. The Russians, the Chinese. But Gulf Arabs [...] ". Waiting on the Italian market will recover, every architectural firm and each firm design Made in Italy who wants to keep up with today's changing world market, should move these emerging countries, who appreciate and admire the Italian creativity, and that allow them to stay in business. Reading these data and interviews of great entrepreneurs of the Italian industry, Dream House seems to reflect well this new interaction between architecture and design and the markets in the developing world, who are ready to invest on the excellence of the products and Our work Made in Italy.

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