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New color and design trends in the world of shower enclosures: preview from Cersaie 2023

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New color and design trends in the world of shower enclosures: preview from Cersaie 2023 it has been modified: 2023-08-28 di Benedetto Fiori

Duka at Cersaie 2023 with new color trends in the world of shower enclosures. Presenting lines like pure 5000 ColourArt, Color Up Your Life, and libero 3000, Duka introduces color into design, transforming shower cubicles into elements of style and well-being.

Cersaie 2023, the prestigious international trade fair for architecture and building ceramics, is preparing to open its doors to a world of innovation and exceptional design. Among the countless participating companies, Duka stands out for the presentation of the new trends that are transforming the shower enclosure sector. From technology to aesthetics, Duka reinvents the concept of everyday well-being through the bold use of colour, bringing life and emotion to bathroom spaces.

In this 40th edition of Cersaie, to be held by 25 29 to September, Duka exhibits its evolution of some iconic lines, radically transforming the appearance and design of shower enclosures to meet the needs of customization and different lifestyles.

One of the most surprising innovations is represented by the line pure 5000 ColourArt, which introduces color into the bathroom through elegant finishes such as matt white, brushed black, brushed brass and brushed copper. These finishes decorate the hinges and handles of the shiny silver models, helping to create a visual effect of contrast with the transparency of the glass. The proposal now expands with a new stainless steel base, offering even wider customization options.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. The proposal Color Up Your Life transforms the profiles, handles and hinges of some shower enclosures of the lines 4000 natura, libero 3000 e libero 4000 in decorative elements thanks to bright metallic finishes such as copper pearl, brass pearl and black pearl. This transformation gives the shower enclosures a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic, creating bathroom environments that tell a story of design and colour.

The pure 5000 ColourArt it comes as a color shower experience, thanks to different variants of profiles, glass finishes and dimensions. The shower cabin becomes a trendy object able to give a distinctive identity to the bathroom environment. The new ColorArt proposal retains all the distinctive qualities of the Pura 5000 line, such as advanced technology, extreme functionality, safety and contemporary design, enriching it with a chromatic touch.

Not only aesthetics, but also functionality. The shower cabins 4000 natura e libero 4000 become even more customizable thanks to the variety of opening systems, glass finishes and installation methods. Every detail is designed to integrate harmoniously into the environment, transforming the bathroom into a place of harmony and comfort.

But the real surprise is the proposal Color Up Your Life for the shower cubicle libero 3000. This freestanding solution, elegant and functional, is enriched by brilliant copper pearl, brass pearl and black pearl finishes which transform the structural components into luminous decorative elements. The libero 3000 shower enclosure thus becomes a work of art, a statement of style and well-being.

In summary, cersaie 2023 reveals an era of boldness in shower enclosure design, with Duka leading the way with its new color and design trends. Shower enclosures are no longer just functional, but become real furnishing elements, capable of transforming the bathroom environment into an oasis of style and comfort. Duka once again demonstrates its commitment to innovation, functionality and aesthetics, reinforcing its position in the luxury shower enclosure sector.

If you are passionate about design and want to transform your bathroom space into a work of art, don't miss the opportunity to visit the A69 / B68 stand a cersaie 2023. Here, Duka will present a bold vision of the future of shower enclosures, where color is the protagonist and well-being is guaranteed.

Pura 5000 ColourArt, color shower experience

The Duka "pura 5000" shower enclosure is an iconic shower enclosure with elegant geometries, pure shapes and essential lines. This walk-in shower has been given a makeover through the addition of color to offer more customization options in the shower space. The new appearance includes chromatic details that have a great aesthetic impact and that adapt to different lifestyles and housing needs.

The “pura 5000” series now offers two versions: one with wall profiles and one without profiles. In 2021, a new profile in a matte finish (stainless steel) was introduced, and now with the new “ColourArt” proposal, Duka introduces color into the bathroom environment. This involves the hinges and handles of the "pura 5000" shower enclosure, creating a pleasant and elegant contrast with the transparency and brilliance of the glass. The aluminum hinges and handles, available in various designs, feature five different finishes: matte white, matte black (painted aluminum), brushed black, brushed brass and brushed copper (with a PVD coating for resistance to abrasions, scratches and corrosions) .

The “ColourArt” proposal is available for both the “pura 5000” versions with wall profile and without profile. In the models without profile, the side glass is combined with the serigraphy of the color of the hinges and handles. This new interpretation of the shower enclosure suggests that it is not only a functional element for daily well-being, but also a trendy object that contributes to the identity of the bathroom.

The different finishes of the hinges and handles allow the creation of different and original sets for a complete customization of the shower experience. The "ColourArt" proposal maintains the positive characteristics of the "pura 5000" line, including technology, functionality, safety, contemporary design and clean lines, and enriches them with the addition of colour.

The hinges, made up of over 50 components, allow the door to be opened both inwards and outwards without limitations, while the handles are designed to guarantee a comfortable and secure grip. Now, these hinges and handles also become chromatic elements that contribute to a new aesthetic for one of Duka's most iconic shower enclosures.

Thanks to the variety of profile variants, glass finishes, customizable dimensions and the new "ColourArt" proposal, the "pura 5000" shower enclosure becomes a versatile and complete solution, suitable for both private bathroom spaces and modern contract environments. The "pura 5000" line includes 8 mm tempered glass and innovative features such as a mechanism that raises the door a few millimeters from the ground during use and the "Automatic Close" system for perfect door closing.

Pura 5000 ColourArt, color meets the stainless steel 'look'

A new range of finishes has been added to the Duka line of shower enclosures, called "pura 5000 ColourArt", which introduced color to the bathroom environment, including matt white, matt black, brushed black, brushed brass and brushed copper, which are applied to the hinges and handles of the models in shiny silver and now also on a stainless steel base.

These finishes allow you to customize the shower space with a refined aesthetic impact. The shower enclosures are available in versions with and without profile. The finishes can be applied both to the shiny silver base, to make the colors brighter, and to the stainless steel base, giving the hinges and handles a warm and contemporary look thanks to the matt and satin effect. The profileless shower enclosures include a screen printing on the glass that matches the color of the aluminum components. For the versions with wall profile, it is possible to choose between a profile in polished silver or stainless steel, combined with the base of the hinges and handles with an applied finish.

The flexibility to combine different finishes with stainless steel or polished silver allows the Pura 5000 ColourArt line to create different design solutions through colour, while maintaining a focus on the safety and quality of the personalized shower experience.

free 3000 Color Up Your Life! Well-being and aesthetic purity embrace colour

Libero 3000, an autonomous shower enclosure characterized by a balance between form and expression. This walk-in shower is available in new bright finishes called “copper pearl”, “brass pearl” and “black pearl”. The support arm, in addition to guaranteeing stability to the glass, also acts as a decorative element. The arm can be installed at a 30° angle to support the glass or at a 90° angle to define the entrance. The fixed wall of the cabin is made of tempered safety glass and can be customized in terms of dimensions and special cuts to adapt to various architectural situations.

The “Libero 3000” shower enclosure is recommended for spacious environments, but can also be adapted to medium-sized spaces. The combination of the open space shower with the new colored finishes makes the bathroom more dynamic and emotional, creating surprising light effects.

The addition of “Libero 3000” to the “Colour Up Your Life” range includes the new “pearl” finishes and extends to various opening systems and shower enclosure models offered by the Duka company. This variety allows for extensive customization to meet different furnishing and design needs.

Natura 4000 and Libero 4000 Color Up Your Life!

These shower enclosures have been designed to offer a combination of technology, functionality, safety and aesthetics. The models try to reinterpret the concept of well-being through comfort, visual pleasure, design and colour, creating unique and emotional environments.

The “natura 4000” series is characterized by pure lines, 6 mm tempered safety glass and various technical innovations. This shower enclosure is available in two heights: 200cm and 210cm. The structural elements and metal components are fixed to the glass using a UV bonding technology, eliminating screws and guaranteeing the resistance of the glass. Additional functional features include new pivot pins to optimize space and a drip tray for protection and cleaning.

The “libero 4000” series is a “Walk In” shower enclosure with 6 mm tempered safety glass. This model creates an open space, separated from the bathroom only by a glass wall. Also in this case, the structural elements and the metal components are fixed to the glass by UV-ray bonding for greater resistance and easy cleaning.

Both series of shower enclosures offer freedom of design, allowing personalized combinations with other elements of the bathroom environment. The aim is to create an aesthetic and functional harmony within the space. The “natura 4000” and “libero 4000” shower enclosures are presented as high quality solutions that aim to improve the bathroom experience through design, safety and functionality.

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