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"Good news from Brazil": SOLLOS at Palazzo Litta during the Milan Design Week

Windsor Chair
"Good news from Brazil": SOLLOS at Palazzo Litta during the Milan Design Week it has been modified: 2019-03-07 di Benedetto Fiori

For the second consecutive year SOLLOS by Jader Almeida chooses the elegant spaces of Palazzo Litta to present to the attentive public of the Milan Design Week product news and must have connoted by an elegant and timeless style. "Good news from Brazil": This is the evocative title of a poetic and fascinating installation, which invites the public of Palazzo Litta to an extraordinary journey into the world of the Brazilian brand.

Conceived by the Artistic Director and designer Jader Almeida, the staging of SOLLOS focuses on elegant and light materials that, chosen in contrast with the important architecture of the building, give life to an installation with an almost museum atmosphere, where past and present harmoniously dialogue. And where the black finish of the furnishings by Jader Almeida, presented in different materials, stands out in counterpoint with the whiteness of the room, highlighting the shapes of each individual object.

In this hypnotic and fascinating setting, the unmissable icons of the brand parade alongside new proposals.

Among the novelties of this year, Windsor chair, contemporary reinterpretation of an iconic piece that owes its name to the homonymous English city where it originated. Although the exact date of creation is uncertain, it seems that the first chair can even date back to the XXVII century. According to a legend, George II, king of England, seeking shelter from a storm, took refuge in a peasant's cottage where he was accommodated on a cozy wooden chair. The comfort and simplicity of the session hit him so much that he ordered the production for his personal use. The fashion of the Windsor chair was born. Despite the probable British origins, the shape of the chair was refined in the British colonies overseas, soon becoming a true icon of the newborn United States of America, represented in many works of art as depictions of American independence in Philadelphia.

Jader Almeida, reinterpreting this iconic chair in a contemporary key, gives life to a piece of design that is deeply in line with its surprising portfolio. The precise connection curves between the seat and the base of the Windsor chair recall the essential design of the collections SOLLOS. The backrest with the classic appeal features slender and harmonious elements in counterpoint with the volumes of the base, in a delicate balance emphasized by the sinuosity of the wood.

With Windsor chair, Jader Almeida reinvents a classic icon, reshaping its lines and volumes in the sign of contemporary and innovative design of SOLLOS, giving life to a new and surprising declination of this important reference: a piece of furniture with a formal rigor created with the most accurate manufacture.

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