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Gbox SC070 by Gattoni Rubinetteria. The universal recessed wall box for a washbasin

Gbox SC070 by Gattoni Rubinetteria. The universal recessed wall box for a washbasin it has been modified: 2019-09-27 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners Lorenzo Strona & Partners

In order to ensure speed and ease of installation, as well as versatility of use, Gattoni Rubinetteria has designed an intelligent and universal solution that guarantees time and cost savings.

Within the Gbox range, the innovative system that facilitates assembly and maintenance of the mixer, there are specific solutions for shower and sink. Gbox SC070 is the universal recessed wall-mounted sink box for mechanical water mixing, designed to simplify both the assembly phase and the replacement or updating of individual components, with considerable savings in time and maintenance costs.

Gbox, in fact, is a practical universal box that can be inspected, with fixing slots and separate cartridge from the built-in body. The presence of a clear and complete instruction sheet and indications of maximum and minimum value of the casing cover, together with the supports for leveling it, guide the installer by streamlining the assembly operations even in the case of any maintenance and / or repair work. Moreover, the device can be quickly and economically inspected, avoiding the expense and disruption of masonry work.

Furthermore, the universal mechanical wall-mounted sink fitting guarantees the maximum versatility of use, allowing you to choose the faucet model later. A single product for many furnishing solutions: for example, the box can be rotated by 90 or 180 degrees, depending on the position of the handle you want, or you can opt for a single plate or two single plate finish based on the chosen mixer, in full compliance with an excellent aesthetic result. Finally, the device also allows the application of other types of products, such as shut-off hand showers and water jet showers.

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