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Etta, the 2017 novelty of Zilio A&C at the Salone del Mobile

Dossofiorito x Zilio ETTA
Etta, the 2017 novelty of Zilio A&C at the Salone del Mobile it has been modified: 2017-03-27 di Benedict Flowers

It's called Etta, and it's the 2017 novelty that Zilio A&C will present at the next Salone del Mobile. The project is signed by Dossofiorito, or Livia Rossi and Gianluca Giabardo, two young emerging designers, with a deep passion for the world of accessories and a particular attention to green design.

Etta is able to take on different forms depending on the taste of its owner. It consists of a bench, which is configured as the basic element, which are grafted at will various other accessories like a coffee table, an upholstered backrest, two types of grids (with horizontal or vertical strips) that become a support for climbing plants apartment.

The modularity and versatility of Etta makes it an extremely versatile piece of furniture, able to function both as a seat, and as a dividing element, but also as a support tool for plants and other objects.

Pleasant minimal Etta leaves room for customization, showing itself in different ways and with more and different uses, depending on the context in which it is inserted.

Not only chairs, therefore, in the production of Zilio A&C, which over the years has been able to combine a rich offer of Nordic-inspired design chairs, stools and benches with an equally captivating assortment of accessories ranging from the mirror to the coat hanger, from the bicycle rack. from the wall to the cutting board-tray. All for an offer characterized by essential, clean and eco-friendly design.

Zilio A&C Etta Dossofiorito

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