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Resinpox expands the world of resin floors for homes

Resinpox expands the world of resin floors for homes it has been modified: ‭2014-03-21 di Valentina N

Among the elegant parquet and the cold tiles, they are making more and more the road resin floors for anyone looking for an idea of ​​innovative décor and design.

When you decorate a house one of the major problems to be faced is precisely the choice of floor because it is this element that will condition the rest of 'furnishings

There is Going on the elegant but delicate parquet, those who rely on tiles but often it happens that none of the two materials is able to fully express the style you want to give the room or even the whole house.

In recent years it is increasingly asserting a third material that can be placed between the two classics by offering an additional solution practical and essential. This solution is represented by resin floors that they are used mostly in industrial contexts for their practicality in cleaning and their resistance to any type of substance. As noted Resipox, A company engaged in the installation sector of resin floors for years, this type of materials can also be easily adapted to the environment thanks to the residential epoxy resin e polyurethane that allow you to create different effects.

By increased shine to the color passing through the marble effect, the resin floors They can be the perfect solution to re-create that Furniture industrial inspiration well that mixes vintage items with the wood and the typical steel. Style that is particularly used in the London-inspired loft or New Yorker.

If you are not lovers of style industrial chic, Resin floors can also be an option to be included in modern furnishings marked color sull'accostamento that require a base as neutral as possible and smooth in order to bring out the furnishing in their beauty.

Last, if not the first, advantage of this type of floors It is that they are both antibacterial that antistatic reducing the accumulation of dirt. Great news for those looking for a practical, beautiful and design that can be combined with the modern look of their casa transforming the environment in the perfect shade of beauty and convenience to those who live service. 

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Images taken from CasaVogue

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