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The intelligent heating system with Genus Premium Net and Ariston Net

Ariston Ariston Genus Premium Net and Net
Ariston Ariston Genus Premium Net and Net
The intelligent heating system with Genus Premium Net and Ariston Net it has been modified: 2017-01-16 di Benedetto Fiori

The smart home, the internet of things and home automation are concepts in continuous evolution and in various forms they begin to enter the daily life of an increasing number of people. Ariston knows well that with Genus Premium Net and Ariston Net proposes its solution for remote control of the boiler.

Favored by the need to manage time in a “smart” way, the systems that allow you to control the operation of the technological systems of the home remotely are in great expansion.

There are many solutions on the market that offer this functionality through an app to be installed on the smartphone, some of these are able to universally manage boilers from different manufacturers, even if this can sometimes mean running into problems due to non-total compatibility.

The Ariston Net Kit

Ariston, the leading Italian brand in the heating and air conditioning sector, offers a complete kit consisting of a condensing boiler Genus Premium Net, a "gateway" access device, which allows Ariston boilers to communicate with their smartphone (available both in Wi-Fi version, in the presence of a stable wireless internet connection, and in GPRS version, i.e. equipped with a SIM card for data traffic dedicated exclusively to this service) and by a system manager, Sensys Net, Which allows you to maximize the efficiency of your heating system.

All in synergy with the application Ariston Net, available for both iOS and Android systems, the true heart of the system, through which we will be able to control not only our main home, but also a second or more homes from the smartphone. We will be able to manage all the main settings of the boilers while minimizing waste, but at the same time we will be able to find the warm house upon our arrival. The app allows you to: set a daily and weekly heating program, to keep consumption under control through the appropriate screens, to always have the activity history available and to check the energy performance of the solar system where it is present.


The Ariston Technical Assistance Center

Ariston Net is a top-of-the-range solution that not only allows you to remotely manage the main functions of the boiler: switching on, off and home temperature, but also to simplify assistance management. Through the app you are constantly in contact with the Ariston Technical Assistance Center that remotely can deal with boiler unexpected events, reducing intervention times and costs *. Through notifications on your smartphone you can manage maintenance by communicating immediately with the Service Center.

Energy saving

In addition to the advantages in terms of well-being and comfort, Genus Premium Net and Ariston Net, through an advanced management of the heating system, allow a reduction in bill costs which, according to Ariston, can even reach € 800 per year **.

With Genus Premium Net thermal efficiency it is always at the top because the system is able to regulate itself according to the variations of the external and internal temperature, to reduce the on and off cycles, to have the constant domestic water temperature, even in case of small samples, and to ensure an always operating at peak efficiency scheme. And 'thanks to these its strengths that the boiler has the advantage the user to benefit from energy savings of up to 40% compared to an older generation boiler.



* Requires subscription to a maintenance contract with the Technical Assistance Centre, which must be authorized by the customer to intervene on remote boiler.

** Comparing a conventional boiler without a programmable thermostat or with a constant temperature programming and a condensing with active auto function, external probe and Ariston NET controlled. The saving calculation is based on average annual requirement for a family house of 100mq with radiators in class F located in Milan.

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