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At Casaidea 2019 the Materia Diversa space returns, from the 23 to the 31 March at the Fiera di Roma

At Casaidea 2019 the Materia Diversa space returns, from the 23 to the 31 March at the Fiera di Roma it has been modified: 2019-03-01 di francescapress

Between innovative materials and techniques from the past, what are the best solutions available for interior design today? To discover trends and new proposals of furniture and design, from 23 to 31 March at the Rome Fair, the appointment is with Casaidea 2019, the event organized by MOA Società Cooperativa that this year reaches its 45a edition and renews its commitment with industry professionals with dedicated initiatives.

After the success of last year, the Materia Diversa exhibition area returns, a space curated by Filippo Bombace dedicated to the material for architecture, where you can touch sophisticated solutions, useful to the designer and also to the end user. At the 1 pavilion on display is a selection of what the current production makes available to the interior design, but also the pleasant rediscovery of techniques of the past, reinterpreted and developed by modern technologies. Alongside innovative materials, there is the recovery and revaluation of design objects or work from other periods, which are still useful today in the definition of the architectural project.

To get to know better and deepen the proposals present at Materia Diversa - within the conference space adjacent to the exhibition area - two moments of meeting with the public coordinated by Filippo Bombace are scheduled, on the agenda at 16:00 on Saturday 23 March and on Thursday 28 March.

Among the topics in the lineup is that of the 'escape' in the surfaces of covering, a theme that analyzes material proposals that make the small format their strong point. Such as? In contrast to the continuous surfaces, interpreted with the current technologies of the world of resins or flooring in sheets, or rediscovering the techniques of the past with Venetian floors.

The evolution of wallpaper and the use of light as a real tool of the architectural project are central. And again the cladding - the corollary of products in wood or derived from wood, to cover, divide or filter the space - and the charm of the chromatic ranges defined by Le Corbusier. For the architect, one of the most famous and influential of the modern era, the coloring of a building has in fact had a fundamental importance, like the study of a plan or a section, as it is able to respond to the needs and to the nature of each individual.


INNTEX - the use of metal fabric in architecture

1) INNTEX - the use of metal fabric in architecture

The Italian textile tradition blends with innovation and research on metallic knitted fabrics and creates a range of fabrics used for architecture, interior design and fashion, using materials such as brass, stainless steel or copper, in wires of various diameters.

TENSOCIELO - thermotensive coatings in private homes

2) TENSOCIELO - thermotensive coatings in private homes

The stretch ceilings are a piece of furniture that combines excellent aesthetic performance with excellent functional performance (from thermal to acoustic control, through excellent waterproofing and better lighting). Thanks to their versatility, they are used successfully both in private apartments and in public premises, allowing a quick and clean installation.

MONTECOLINO - the 2.0 lawn

3) MONTECOLINO - the 2.0 lawn: the new frontier of furniture with synthetic grass.

Synthetic grass is a practical and economical solution for your spaces where you want to give a touch of 'green'.
Born as a product to be used in sports but in recent years has found new and different uses in gardens, terraces, balconies, but also indoors and play areas.

TARKETT - linoleum, design by nature

4) TARKETT - linoleum, design by nature

Linoleum is a natural and sustainable surface appreciated for its comfort and long life, made up of 94% from natural raw materials (linseed oil, wood and cork flour, resins) and offers a range of marbled design in bright colors and intense.

MICRO PROJECT - small formats in architecture

5) MICRO PROJECT - small formats in architecture

Micro is an open project in continuous development that seeks the essence, the lowest common denominator, the synthesis, going to rediscover a light and resistant material, a modeling covering, made of small tiles that draw, with textures and colors, endless suggestions .

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