Toodog, an evolutionary path in respect of nature and human being

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Born in 2003 today TOODOG is at 100% an eco and animal friendly brand TOODOG (literally too dog) is a project born in 2003 from an idea by Gianluca Piroli, owner of the agency Acmesign.

A creative work path that has led him to collaborate with several companies (Replay, Mason's, Breach, Wrangler, and many more) until they reach their agency. A foretaste of pure creativity where, besides daily projects, she also found TOODOG, a brand of clothing and footwear made in Italy where terms like craftsmanship, exclusivity, freedom and love for others find a real place.

Today TOODOG is a brand to the 100% eco and animal friendly Produced in total respect for nature and its inhabitants. "Until recently, we used hides derived from waste from the food industry; We have decided to eliminate these as well, with a view to total respect for animals ", explains Gianluca Piroli. The proposals range from pure cotton t-shirts to footwear (these are totally vegetable with vanilla soap, canvas fabric and brass eyelet), with a simple design, emphasized only by natural, very special and exclusive treatments that They attribute that look used by the author.

The TOODOG brand is born to be free, No need for social identification, no stereotype to which to adapt, no tendency to follow in order to feel an integral part of the world, no constraint outside the total respect of real values, primarily freedom. TOODOG devotes his creations to men and women who ask for one thing: to be just themselves. No collection but unique pieces made with completely manual and always natural workmanship.

TOODOG is also love for others. Part of sales revenue is used to support United for Africa and United for Tibetan Campaigns. This is not a coincidence. Gianluca Piroli, has worked for several years with the Human Rights Association and ONLUS Tolerance and has been able to verify, with her own eyes, the situation for many children in these areas. "I believe that today, the real crisis is not due to the lack of things, of which we may have excess, but it is a crisis of human relations. We often and willingly do not realize it. In posting things seem far away and sometimes over because we simply do not talk about it anymore. But is not so. It is not a criticism, but a simple personal statement on which I have been reflecting for some time. I do not feel like a paladin but I just want to try, in my little one, to do something for others and the tool I have at my disposal is my creativity. " To date thanks to the contribution of many people, three schools have already been built in Ghana.

The choice of a bulldog as a logo is not random. Bulldogs are very special and differ from other breeds for innate tenderness towards the weaker, directed more towards children and the elderly, so much so that the British call it "The Noursedog" or nanny dog.

The sale is also entirely in TOODOG style. It is possible to buy the clothes and footwear only through direct contact with Gianluca Piroli, via social channels or by mail (he always answers).

"We talk directly with our customers, because every product is made exclusively on the basis of their requests. Colors, treatments and customizations are made specifically for the buyer, each piece is unique. Within a maximum of 10 days we can deliver and ship the finished product. "

Gianluca Piroli toodgog

Gianluca Piroli toodgog

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