most protected beaches with the campaign "But the sea is not worth a fag?"

most protected beaches with the campaign "But the sea is not worth a fag?" it has been modified: 2012-07-30 di Benedetto Fiori

Back in August the 4 and 5 the initiative to Marevivo and JTI to free over 350 beaches by the stump. Throughout Italy thousand volunteers will distribute 100.000 pocket ashtray.

For those who want this summer sunbathing without zigzagging between the butts left on the beach, the back pocket ashtrays and reusable campaign Marevivo to safeguard the more than 8 thousand km coastline of our country. The fourth edition of "But the sea is not worth a butt?" - launched by the environmental association Marevivo in collaboration with JT International SA (JTI) - it will be built with the usual patronage of the Ministry of the Environment, the Port Authority Corps and the support of the SIB - Italian Bathing Union. This year's testimonial is the actor of theater, cinema and television Sebastiano Somma.

The weekend of August 4 and 5, 1.000 a team of volunteers, led by the association, will work along the Italian coast to distribute 100.000 ashtray, along with a booklet on the timing of degradation in the sea of ​​some objects that are part of life everyday, including cans, lighters, bottles of glass and plastic.


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