Swart / a rich design selection for the new on-line shop

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Swart / a rich design selection for the new on-line shop it has been modified: 2022-06-02 di jessica zannori

Born in March 2013 from the passion of four young entrepreneurs, Swart offers a rich selection of strictly Italian products, all born from the work of designers who manage the entire production chain: from concept to design, from production to promotion.

The attraction of the young founders of Swart for the expressive power of materials "first", the fascination with the original and intelligent reuse of discarded objects as components of new products, the allocation of wealth and value to the creative process that makes a ' unique and original idea.

These are profound reasons that gave birth Swart, together with the awareness of liveliness increasingly common around the phenomenon of self-produced design in Italy and the manifest need for marketing channels.

The goal is to act as guarantor together designers to products that stand for qualityUnderstood as manual skills and craftsmanship combined with a rigorous design approach and creative. The desire to enhance and strengthen this emerging new Made in Italy has found the natural response in the web: combine the convenience of e-commerce with the possibility of cross-border distribution.

Within the categories home, person and children are picked products of furniture, lighting, accessories, jewelry, textiles and toys. The selection includes 160 designer products already known in the Italian scenario of self but also of young growing company offering unusual items never before marketed on the web.

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Jar Cicerchia Francesca Antoniotti

Bubble bracelet James Di Marco

Chair 13 Officine Catena

Concentric A DDuM

DA RI Hyemin Ro

Daedalus MID

FEL FEL Layla Mehdi Pour

Lelly bag Alf Recreation

Naked Staples

Paper Paper Mood02 Mood

Bookmark OD

Need upside Creative

These Iskra Sguera

These Iskra Sguera

Tibet Catherine Frongia

Tibet Catherine Frongia

Wood machine Alicucio

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