STEEL-LIFE / "DESIGN PROJECT BRIEF 2011 URBAN LIFE" COMPETITION it has been modified: 2012-01-09 di Benedetto Fiori

The main objective of the company:
Starting a production and distribution of furniture unique and customizable:
for craftsmanship, for material and shapes that have as main material stainless steel.

Role of design and description of the impact that the project must have on a specific audience.
Produce and distribute a range of furnishings for residential environment that have the following characteristics:
Material stainless steel combined with other materials (glass, leather, fabric etc.) Also experimental, and absolutely environmentally friendly.
Product design signed by emerging Italian design.
International distribution through importers and agents.

Company Information  
The company has been present for several years on the market of steel productions inox.recentemente the management has decided to take advantage of the specific expertise gained in termoni steel processing (mainly crafts), in the design of products and purchase of materials and special processing by third parties, the idea of ​​building a second activity for the production of furniture unique and customizable.
The company is on the market through a site advertised internationally and aims to reach a target of consumers who search medium high originality in home accessories signed by emerging Italian designers focusing on emerging consumer trends as the demand for objects d ' furnishing "fast faschion" and customizable.


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