Priscilla_Designed by Gradosei

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(2013) PRISCILLA_Designed for Formabilio

Priscilla is a storage unit halfway between a bookcase and a classic sideboard / display cabinet. It is possible to decide what to hide or what to show: playing between the empty and full spaces of the front panel and having fun customizing it and decorating it with photos, drawings and memories. Thanks to its originality, Priscilla is suitable for any room in the house, especially for those spaces such as kitchens and children's bedrooms where ordering and organizing is always very difficult. Essential and with soft lines, Priscilla is easily assembled because it is completely interlocking except for two screws / bolts that hold the structure firmly.

(2013) PRISCILLA_Designed for Formabilio

Priscilla is a container furniture, meshing a bookshelf and a traditional corner cupboard. It makes possible you to decide what can be hidden or displayed: playing on empty and full head-on board's space, enjoying customizing and decorating with pictures, drawings and memories. Priscilla's originality fits in every room especially in those like the kitchen and boy's bedroom where organizing seems to be very hard. Essential and with soft lines, Priscilla's assembly is really easy because it is outright jointed with the exception of two bolts that make the structure so stable.








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