Monolitika – The retractable mini kitchen par excellence.

Monolitika – The retractable mini kitchen par excellence. it has been modified: 2024-03-21 di monolithic

Monolitika is an ergonomic, compact mini kitchen with an elegant design, designed for small spaces such as offices and temporary accommodation, with floor-standing or suspended versions. It offers aesthetic functionality, with integrated appliances and tailor-made customizations. Made by a company with twenty years of experience, it combines interior design and practicality.

What is Monolitika?

A compact and ergonomic retractable mini kitchen, designed with an elegant design dictated by function. Available in both the “GROUND” (ground) and “AIR” (suspended) versions.
For which environments was it designed?
This hideaway mini-kitchen is suitable for small spaces such as offices and studios in general, residences, B&Bs, guest houses, holiday homes and apartments to rent, but also for particular projects where you want to hide the kitchen using a compact solution.

What are its main features?

Not only beautiful but functionally practical. Its design is designed to simplify its use without losing its aesthetic value. When closed, our mini-kitchen looks like a simple cupboard. Its linear and minimalist design allows it to integrate into many environments. By opening the lids you access its true function.
Each lid contains a worktop with side splashbacks in stratified HPL. The hob cover contains an induction appliance with integrated hood measuring 60 cm long (also available without extraction on request). The sink cover contains a L.50 x D.40 cm basin in the same finish as the chosen top, combined with an "up-and-down" telescopic mixer in chrome finish.
In the "GROUND" version it is possible to exploit all the space, being able to insert each appliance on request like a normal kitchen. In the “AIR” version the volume is lightened but the capacity is lost. This version involves some limitations in the insertion of household appliances.

How are Monolitika kitchens produced?

We have been dealing with interior furnishings for more than twenty years, creating custom-made furnishings for clients, architects and interior designers. The approach to interior design led to the birth of Monolitika, a mini-kitchen with small dimensions and an attractive design. Each Monolitika is made in our company; In fact, we manage the entire production chain, from order to delivery.

Is it possible to customize them?

Our retractable monobloc mini kitchens are produced starting from models and compositions designed for standard situations, complete with appliances and with dimensions of at least 125 cm in width. Our internal technical office designs and develops solutions for our customers and their needs every day; it is therefore possible to create a Monolitika starting from the requests of each client.
What materials are they produced with?
Our kitchens are made up of an internal structure to which a lid is applied, which can be closed thanks to special cushioned hinges. Practical and functional, this mini-kitchen can be equipped with all the equipment and appliances of a traditional kitchen: hobs, sink, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven and washing machine.
Available in both the floor-standing and suspended versions, our retractable mini kitchen can be customized with various colors created by lacquering in an embossed matt finish.
The upper veil of the lid is also available both in the same color as the rest of the kitchen and in oak essence in various colours.
The tailor-made production service is available upon request, both in terms of size and finishes not available in the catalogue.

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