The last Kreativissimi collection is inspired by new fashion trends

purple lovers
The last Kreativissimi collection is inspired by new fashion trends it has been modified: 2014-01-23 di jessica zannori

The fashion 2014 is clear, owls going crazy as decoration in clothing and accessories in the world, always colorful and super bright. An interesting trend that today the house, as evidenced GUFY, nice bookend by Kreativissimi in its new line of gift items. Bearers of wisdom, the protagonists of fairy tales and legends as well as luck, these animals are now an integral part of the culture, fashion, thanks to their caricature nice and happy, able to tear a smile even in the darkest days.

Made from laser cut and then powder coated, GUFY is a design object 100% made in Italy, Functional and ironic. Available in various colors, from yellow to green to purple, is perfect to liven up the house in winter with a touch of creativity.

In collection to form with him the pair "Cousins ​​Several" we find PINJGUY, Another original bookend that instead takes the form of a cute penguin, and the couple "Lovers" (SAMURAI + GEISHA), inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of "kokeshi". 

The 2014 saw it the return on the catwalks of clothes and colors inspired by the Orient, As shown by the latest fashion shows. Kreativissimi then repeats the oriental atmosphere in these two new bookends that, like the traditional Japanese dolls, are made with stylized facial features and, as "kokeshi", are symbolic wishes of good luck.

Perfect gift idea for any home environment and all the other products, purchased easily online at , As bookshelves, lamps, hangers and more.

Several cousins ​​yellow

Geisha green

Gufy black

Pinjguy white

Samurai yellow

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