ANOOR lamp by Foscarini: Architectural light and minimalism

ANOOR lamp by Foscarini: Architectural light and minimalism it has been modified: 2023-08-09 di Benedetto Fiori

ANOOR by Foscarini is a lamp designed by designers Oscar and Gabriele Buratti to offer an aesthetic and functional solution to architects and interior designers. This sculptural lamp uses the wall as a reflector, creating an exciting and unique light effect.

Foscarini, a leading company in the lighting sector, collaborated for the first time with the famous designers Oscar and Gabriele Buratti to create ANOOR, a lamp that combines functionality and sculptural design. This project was designed specifically for architects, offering them a customized solution to characterize spaces with cleanliness and minimalism.

Wall and ceiling lights are often considered lamps with double capabilities: they are not only technical and functional devices, but they also represent decorative elements. Gabriele Buratti explains: "We were interested in working on this typology and playing with the two souls - technical and furnishing - of light to arrive at a median solution with a high emotional impact, without however giving in to decoration for its own sake".

The distinctive feature of ANOOR is the use of the wall as a reflector. This lamp looks like a large concave disc that detaches itself from the wall or ceiling, creating a luminous crown on the wall that acts as a reflector. ANOOR floods the wall with light, which spreads all around it, leaving the front mirrored lens in the shade. This effect produces an eclipse-like aesthetic and emotional impact.

The light source is enclosed in a printed opal diffuser, which opens like a trumpet starting from the wall. It is from here that the light spreads out to all sides. In this section, there is a concave polished aluminum disc in a lenticular shape. The disc is coated with pigmented transparent varnishes, which do not allow the passage of light but create a colored mirror effect.

ANOOR is available in different finishes, such as champagne, red, white and black. In addition, a cementite-coated version is also available, which can be painted as desired. This option has been designed as a tool for interior architects, giving them the possibility to further customize the lamp.

The large dimensions of ANOOR, with a diameter of 36 and 48 cm, together with the particular finishes of the disc, make this lamp a true sculptural object. With reflections and colors, but with a refined and simple stylistic research, ANOOR is born from a minimal gesture, as Gabriele Buratti says: “the lamp is a simple lens, a curvature on a circle, yet it opens up an unexpected universe of reflections and mirrors. In this sense I like to think of it as a sculpture rather than a lamp: a synthetic and essential object which, by itself, contains several meanings: technical, decorative, metaphorical, inspirational".

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