The Brazilian group Maqmóveis debuts at Milan Design Week with the innovative Jataí collection

The Brazilian group Maqmóveis debuts at Milan Design Week with the innovative Jataí collection it has been modified: 2019-03-22 di Benedetto Fiori

Leader in the school furniture segment, the company presents a product line focused on the philosophy of collaborative teaching.

36 has passed years since in the 1983, with only four people, little Maqmóveis started selling typewriters and office furniture. Today the group is a leader in the school furniture sector in the largest South American country: with two factories in Brazil, one under construction in Paraguay, and counting on 400 employees, the company produces 100 thousand pieces per month.

For the first time, the Brazilian company will participate in the Outside the Milan Show and will exhibit the most modern Jataí collection, developed by its MaqID innovation and design center, at the Be Brasil exhibition, organized by Apex-Brasil at the Museo della Permanente, from the 9 to the 14 April.

“Milan Design Week is an important showcase on the world, the perfect opportunity to show our bold design proposal for the school sector. Participating in this great event also represents the achievement of an objective thanks to the commitment of our entire multidisciplinary and well-qualified team "said Fábio Costa, vice-president of Maqmóveis.

Designed by José Machado and Luciana Sobral, Jataí was designed to offer the public high quality products, consistent with the evolution of the educational process. “The classroom has increasingly become a kind of project incubator. Teaching is undergoing significant changes and spaces must adapt to this new concept. Collaborative learning requires more dynamic environments and versatile layout proposals to help students and professors perform at their best. Jataí was conceived precisely to satisfy this need ", explained Brazilian designer Machado.

Ergonomics is another important parameter in the creation of this Made in Brazil product. "Our experience in the development of school furnishings confirms that changing the posture during study hours - alternating the positions of the body between the most relaxed and those of the most concentrated moments - favors the involvement of the student in individual and group activities", added designer Luciana Sobral.

Curious and original too the choice of the name of the collection. Jataí is a native Brazilian bee known for making quality honey. “Bees are an excellent example of collaboration, of teamwork. That's why we have chosen to call our project that "said the Brazilian José Machado.

Jataí furnishings - designed for all school stages, from childhood to university - are produced with carbon steel tube, finished in highly resistant and durable electrostatic paint. The seats and backrests are made of solid wood laminated plywood panels, which guarantees thermal comfort, and covered with melamine laminate, which offers different color and texture options. The upholstery options are high density foam and 100% polyester fabric in various colors.

The minimalist and functional style enhances the straight shapes with rounded corners that visually communicate the idea of ​​comfort.

Maqmoveis chair Jatai
Maqmoveis chair Jatai

The protagonist of the collection is the versatile Jataí chair, winner of the honorable mention at the Museu da Casa Brasileira Award in 2018. The triple rotating mechanism, with steel covering, allows the base, the seat and the tablet (for right and left handed) to move independently. The system allows the front or side positioning of the tablet, which makes the seat suitable for different users and situations. The tube surrounding the base serves as a footrest and ensures perfect posture for people of any height.

Maqmóveis puts it nine pieces of furniture on display at the Fuori Salone of four types of products. In addition to the award-winning Jataí chair, there will be a cozy low armchair with a small table (ideal for sitting on the ground in more relaxed situations), three traditional seats - in different sizes for various ages - and modular poufs (for places of relaxation and moments of relaxation). more informal group). The complete catalog, however, consists of over 100 products for the most diverse environments, such as libraries, laboratories, public spaces and meeting and conference rooms.

"We are working on new pieces of the Jataí collection, including shelves, bookcases, blackboards, other tables and chairs, which will be presented from 14 to 17 May, during the Bett Educar, in São Paulo, Brazil: the largest education event and technology in Latin America ", concluded the vice-president of the company Fábio Costa.

Maqmóveis - The company

The Maqmóveis factories in Taquaritinga, in the state of São Paulo, and in Paragominas, in the state of Pará, are completely automated and produce over 3.000 sets of tables and chairs per day in its 26.000 square meters.

The company constantly invests in new technologies and offers refresher courses to around 400 employees. In 2021, the new unit will be inaugurated in Asunción, Paraguay.

The 100 furniture produced per month (not only for schools, but also for the corporate sector; the entire portfolio includes a line of steel furniture, upholstery and accessories) are made with certified raw materials. Respect for the environment is also an objective of the Brazilian group which has its own station for the treatment of industrial effluents and has a rainwater recovery system for subsequent reuse.

Maqmóveis owns a fleet of distribution vehicles throughout Brazil.

The designers

José Machado, 20 years of work experience with Brazilian retail and industry companies, and Luciana Sobral, 15 years as director of interior design and school architecture at the Novidário studio, have combined their skills to create the line of Jataí products for Maqmóveis.
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Maqmóveis Be Brasil - Fuori Salone - Milan - From 9 to 14 April 2019
Permanent Museum - Via Filippo Turati 34.
08 April, from 17h to 22h
09 - 12 April, from 11h to 22h
13 - 14 April, from 11h to 19h

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