Treemme Watertube, design Massimiliano Braconi

Treemme Watertube, design Massimiliano Braconi it has been modified: 2019-03-22 di Benedetto Fiori

On the occasion of the international fair in Frankfurt ISH Rubinetterie Treemme, an Italian company active for more than 50 years in the bathroom furnishing sector, presents a preview of a new product: Watertube.

A tap is the protagonist of the everyday life of each of us. Before it was just a functional and necessary element, now more and more we appreciate its design, aesthetics and a distinctive style.

So Rubinetterie Treemme launches new project Watertube, designed by Massimiliano Braconi, characterized by essential and rounded lines that recall precisely a "water pipe". Shapes that for their absolute simplicity become original and distinctive in the bathroom.

Watertube it is made of steel and is available in PVD finishes

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