Gianfranco Ferré Home: the new 2023 collection combines contemporary, urban and metropolitan style with vintage references from the 60s and 70s

Gianfranco Ferré Home: the new 2023 collection combines contemporary, urban and metropolitan style with vintage references from the 60s and 70s it has been modified: 2023-07-07 di Benedetto Fiori

Gianfranco Ferré Home presented his new collection during Milan Design Week 2023, characterized by a contemporary and metropolitan style with references to the vintage of the 60s and 70s. The color palette is based on white, beige and blue accents, with the addition of the new Canaletto walnut finish.

Gianfranco Ferré Home, one of the most prestigious companies in the luxury furniture sector, presented its new collection during the Milan Design Week. This line stands out for its contemporary, urban and metropolitan style, which combines essential design elements with references to the wonderful 60s and 70s.

The color palette chosen for this collection is dominated by shades of white and beige, but blue accents are introduced which give a touch of liveliness to the rooms. Furthermore, a new finish has been introduced, black walnut, which with its deep and enveloping color adds a sense of warmth to spaces. The upholstery fabrics used, such as bouclé, are textural and comfortable, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. The aim of this collection is to offer a masculine and ambitious spirit, which represents a new concept of the home as a place of connections, where design meets the interests and passions of the landlord, becoming a mirror of his lifestyle.

One of the elements that stand out in the Living area is the Leicester sofa, characterized by a welcoming but decisive and charming style. Its geometric and square shapes are emphasized by the contrasting profile. The soft cover in midnight blue fabric, warm and material, confirms the measured balance between intimacy and contemporaneity that defines the new Gianfranco Ferré Home 2023 collection.

Among the new seats, the Piccadilly armchair stands out for its rounded, welcoming and comfortable shapes. Designed to adapt to any environment thanks to its small size, it can be covered with tactile fabrics or soft leathers, keeping its essence intact. It is a sophisticated proposal, with a refined aesthetic language and enveloping lines, capable of offering a pleasant sensation of comfort and well-being.

The Brooklyn pouf is characterized by an eclectic and transversal elegance, enriched by fine sartorial details and decorative leather straps. Perfect for the bedroom, it can be used with ease in residential or public contexts, alone or combined with other elements to create customizable combinations.

The Columbus armchair stands out for its captivating lines and retro inspiration. The metal structure, available in Black (Matt) or Black Chrome finish, matches perfectly with the elegant leather upholstery or with the fabrics of the collection. Thanks to its high backrest and generous seat, this armchair combines inviting aesthetics with a high level of comfort.

Finally, the Brooklyn coffee tables are characterized by a refined aesthetic and a vintage inspiration. The metal structure that makes up the legs creates a geometric pattern that enriches the top in Canaletto walnut or travertine marble. These tables are available in different heights and sizes, allowing you to create scenographic compositions suitable for contexts of different styles.

The new collection by Gianfranco Ferré Home represents a harmonious union between contemporary design and references to the past. Thanks to the combination of colours, fabrics and shapes, this line of furniture offers the possibility of creating unique and personalized environments, in which every detail reflects the taste and lifestyle of the owner.

Brooklyn Series: eclectic elegance and versatility

The Brooklyn series offers a selection of furnishing elements that stand out for their eclectic and transversal elegance. In particular, the poufs are characterized by fine sartorial details and decorative leather straps that give them a touch of class. These poufs are perfect to be placed in the bedroom, but are also suitable for residential or public contexts. They can be used individually or combined with other elements to create customizable combinations.

The structure of the poufs is made of MDF, with high density polyurethane foam and dacron which guarantee comfort and durability over time. The seat is covered with a category B Bouclé 23.15 Light Blue fabric, while the side upholstery is made with a category A Jacquard 23.09 Blue Ocean fabric. The decorative straps in black leather, with visible stitching in nylon thread, add a touch of refinement to the design.

The Brooklyn coffee tables, on the other hand, stand out for their refined aesthetics and vintage inspiration. The structure of the legs, made of metal, creates a geometric motif that enriches the upper surface available in two variants: Canaletto Walnut wood or Travertine marble. The coffee tables are available in different heights and dimensions, offering the possibility of creating scenographic compositions suitable for different furnishing styles.

The structure of the tables is made of metal with a matte black finish, giving them an elegant and contemporary look. The upper surface can be chosen in plywood veneered in Canaletto Walnut essence, a warm and enveloping shade, or in Travertine marble, which gives timeless elegance.

The Brooklyn series therefore offers a range of furnishing elements that stand out for their elegance, versatility and attention to detail. The poufs and coffee tables are able to enrich any environment, be it a bedroom, a living room or a public space, offering customizable and high quality solutions to meet the style and functionality needs of each individual.

The Columbus armchair: a combination of retro style and modern comfort

The Columbus armchair is a real marriage between retro elegance and modern design. With its captivating lines and an inspiration from the past, this armchair manages to capture the attention of anyone who meets it.

One of the main features of this armchair is the high backrest, which offers optimal support to the back and neck area. This makes the Columbus armchair an ideal choice for those who want superior comfort without sacrificing style.

The generous seat is another element that adds a touch of luxury to this armchair. Whether you want to relax after a long day at work or simply enjoy a moment of tranquillity, the Columbus armchair will always be ready to welcome you with its enveloping comfort.

The structure of the armchair is made of metal with a Black Chrome finish, which gives it an elegant and sophisticated look. This material is also known for its sturdiness and durability, ensuring that the armchair retains its beauty and integrity even after prolonged use.

Upholstery in A-grade leather Wild L.02.06 Black completes the luxurious look of the Columbus armchair. Leather is a natural material that adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to its surroundings. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the armchair always remains in perfect condition.

The Columbus armchair is a real piece of furniture that can be placed in different environments, from the living room to the study area or even in a bedroom. Its versatile design fits easily into any decor style, adding a touch of class and personality.

If you are looking for an armchair that combines inviting aesthetics, a high level of comfort and superior quality, the Columbus armchair is the perfect choice for you. Let yourself be conquered by its retro charm and enjoy unparalleled moments of relaxation.

Leicester: welcoming and captivating, the sofa protagonist of the new Gianfranco Ferré Home 2023 collection

Leicester is a sofa that embodies a perfect combination of comfort and style. With its geometric and square shapes, this sofa stands out for its contrasting profile, which emphasizes its decisive and captivating personality. The upholstery in a warm and textural midnight blue fabric gives Leicester a sophisticated and contemporary look, characteristics that define the 2023 Gianfranco Ferré Home collection.

The structure of Leicester is made with solid fir and pine plywood, guaranteeing a solid and resistant base on which it rests. The seat is equipped with elastic straps, which ensure optimal support and lasting comfort. The seat cushion is padded with goose down and has an insert in polyurethane foam, which gives a pleasant support to the body. The back cushions, also padded with goose down, contribute to further comfort and add a touch of softness to the design.

The upholstery of the Leicester sofa is made of category B Bouclé 23.17 Deep Night fabric, giving the sofa an interesting texture and a deep blue tone. The profile of the sofa, also called piping, is instead made of Bouclé 23.15 Light Blue category B fabric, which creates a pleasant contrast with the main color of the upholstery.

Leicester is a sofa that stands out for its unique personality and captivating design. Perfect for furnishing contemporary spaces, it gives a touch of intimacy thanks to its welcoming shapes, without giving up a modern and elegant look. If you are looking for a sofa that combines comfort and style, Leicester is definitely a choice to consider. The 2023 Gianfranco Ferré Home collection, of which Leicester is a part, represents the excellence of contemporary design and aesthetics, offering unique solutions for furnishing your home.

Piccadilly: The enveloping elegance of a sophisticated armchair

Piccadilly is an armchair that enchants with its rounded shapes and invites you to take a break of pure relaxation. With its small size, it is designed to adapt to any environment, from the living room to the waiting room, offering a touch of style and comfort wherever it is placed.

What sets Piccadilly apart is its ability to preserve its essence intact, regardless of the fabric or upholstery chosen. It can be dressed in tactile fabrics or soft leathers, which give the armchair a feeling of luxury and sophistication. Each choice of fabric or leather adapts perfectly to the enveloping shape of the armchair, accentuating its sophisticated aesthetics.

The structure of Piccadilly is made of poplar plywood, which guarantees solidity and durability over time. The padding is made up of expanded polyurethane and dacron, materials that ensure optimal comfort and a sensation of softness in contact with the body. The seat is supported by crossed elastic straps, which give stability and resistance.

Piccadilly is upholstered in an elegant category B Bouclé 23.15 fabric, in a delicate Light Blue colour. This fabric adds a touch of freshness and brightness to the armchair, creating a pleasant contrast with the sinuous and enveloping lines of its design. The Bouclé fabric is known for its gathered weave and pleasant texture, which make the armchair even more welcoming and inviting.

Another element that makes Piccadilly versatile and functional is the swivel mechanism that allows you to rotate comfortably on itself. This feature allows you to adapt to the user's different needs, facilitating movement and allowing you to fully enjoy the comfort offered by the armchair.

In summary, Piccadilly is much more than a simple armchair. It is a work of art that combines aesthetics, comfort and functionality. Its rounded and enveloping shapes catch the eye and invite you to indulge in moments of regenerating relaxation. Thanks to its small size and sophisticated design, Piccadilly fits perfectly into any environment, enriching it with elegance and style.

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