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The winners of the 2015 "IL FURNITURE SIGNIFICANTE" competition have been announced

Prize Foundation ALDO MORELATO CLOVER 1 social design magazine
The winners of the 2015 "IL FURNITURE SIGNIFICANTE" competition have been announced it has been modified: 2015-06-18 di Benedict Flowers

On the occasion of the 2015 Symposium, which took place at Villa Dionisi in Cerea (Verona) on 12 June, the Aldo Morelato Foundation declared the winners of the XII edition of the IL FURNITURE SIGNIFICANT competition with the theme "The places of relaxation 2.0 - Objects of furniture for home relaxation. "

The organizational secretariat of the Aldo Morelato Foundation has received hundreds and hundreds of documents from all over the world, which have been carefully examined by the illustrious jury made up of well-known faces from the architecture and contemporary design scene: Silvana Annichiarico (Director of the Triennale Design Museum), Ettore Mocchetti (editorial advisor AD), Giovanni Levanti (Industrial Designer), Ugo La Pietra (designer and theorist of applied arts, art director of the Aldo Morelato Foundation) and Giorgio Morelato (President of the Aldo Morelato Foundation).

The "ALDO MORELATO FOUNDATION" award of € 5.000,00 (for professionals) was awarded to the CLOVER project by Mariya Dlugoborskaya / St. Petersburg (RU) "for the three-position chair that gives the object flexibility and availability with respect to different situations of habitability and comfort ".

The jury also noted the projects: "NEST" by Cesare Arosio (MI) "for the structure-hammock, as a relaxing place, suitable for any domestic exterior" and "ROTOLINO" by Libero Rutilo (MI) "for the flexibility of the object from chair with backrest to chaise longue , creating a compact structure but at the same time articulated in space. "

The prize "ALDO MORELATO FOUNDATION - STUDENT AWARD"EX-AEQUO of € 1.250,00 (for students) was instead awarded to two projects:

  • MOON FABRIC by Rahimiankhormazard Homa (IR) and Manakova Ganna (UA), students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona: “chaise longue with clear references to relaxation with ergonomic situations that lead to physical and psychological well-being”;
  • FLOAT by Giulia Conti, student of the Academy of Pisa: "object that is inspired by archetypal forms capable of suggesting welcome and isolation."

The next appointment with the Aldo Morelato Foundation for the awards ceremony will be held on the occasion of the ABITARE IL TEMPO fair in Verona. During the evening, the works recommended by the jury and the prototype of the “Fondazione Aldo Morelato” award, created and produced by the Morelato company, will be exhibited.

Prize Foundation ALDO MORELATO CLOVER 2 social design magazinePrize Foundation ALDO MORELATO CLOVER

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