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Green, the new family of sanitary Catalano in Cersaie 2014

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Green, the new family of sanitary Catalano in Cersaie 2014 it has been modified: 2014-07-18 di Leide Lanzi

The new family of health Catalan, Which will be presented at cersaie 2014, comes to life from a complete and articulated path in the name of environmental sustainability, carried out by Catalano for several years.

Confirming an absolute continuity with the commitment of the company, well illustrated by the Green Report 2013, the new GREEN series was born from a project inspired by nature, both in its laws of balance and in the aesthetic and formal solutions.

Conceived in a logic of "life cycle design" - in which all phases, from pre-production to product disassembly, have been planned - the GREEN line is the synthesis of that total quality that Catalano has always pursued, guaranteeing the highest world standard in the sanitary ceramics sector.

"Soft" design, extreme softness of the lines, organic and reassuring shapes: the washbasins are characterized by curved and continuous surfaces that favor the natural flow of water avoiding stagnation, facilitating cleaning and ensuring maximum hygiene. a close-knit team, which has experimented and created the most innovative solutions thanks to the most advanced production technologies, GREEN is currently made up of 7 washbasins, 3 of which are to be installed suspended, semi-recessed on top, on cabinet and on column 100X50cm, and 60x50cm) and 4 countertop (60 × 38cm, 0 / 48cm and 0 / 42cm).

In addition to the internal softness of the basins and corner fittings, Green is characterized by the use of extremely thin edges, able to give the basins maximum capacity, almost completely exploiting the overall width of the washbasins.

The 100,80 and 60 washbasins provide for integration with 2-drawer cabinets, while the countertop washbasins are placed on tops with suspended drawer units. There are also coordinated tall units, mirrors and towel rails (available in wood or metal).

More information about: www.catalano.it

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