LINCREDIBILE COLLECTION - Piazza S. Maria Novella, Florence

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LINCREDIBILE COLLECTION - Piazza S. Maria Novella, Florence it has been modified: 2013-05-23 di jessica zannori

This adage of common sense agriculture is considered a slogan and it sounds like a slogan. A Flax field that turns into linen cities inviting us to a picnic in the heart of Florence, in a setting of Hilton McConnico. The exhibition for the general public outside the walls The incredible HARVEST disrupts our landscape: an event organized in collaboration with the International Exhibition of men's fashion Pitti Uomo.

Piazza Santa Maria Novella, from Tuesday to Saturday 18 22 2013 June, A parenthesis agricultural teleports us in a field of flax in full maceration. An initiative that allows to remember that linen is not an exotic plant and the 85% of world production originates here in Europe and that challenges the visitor through the immense diversity of linen that is freed from many preconceptions. The only vegetable textile fiber of our continent is showing for the first time in all its fields of application.

A motorcycle helmet, skis, a bicycle, a chair, a suitcase, a surfboard, urban lighting and a chair ... their connection? Flax, in composite version, New material fiber and resin that inspires contemporary designers. So why these sneakers and marinara in this shirt? Always linen: outdoor and waterproof for raw yarn Nm 39 for the other (39 km. Of wire in each kilogram for lightweight mesh).

The route of exposure leads to an aisle ephemeral, textile and sensory, which immerses the audience in all the diversity of flax: a selection of more than 300 references to discover, touch, touch, weigh ... demonstration of the know-how of spinners and weavers Europeans. From the sheer batiste lightweight to heavy furnishing fabrics from 1 kg. to m2.

An exhibition of photos of more than 40 unpublished Sébastien Rande show the humanity of the whole chain Lino and reminds us of our proximity to this crop, its location and its European identity. A fresh relaxation area of ​​Lino welcome exhibitors and visitors inside the fortress, ideal bond with the incredible HARVEST.

Free admission, Piazza Santa Maria Novella, from the 18 22 2013 June, from the 09.00 19.00

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