Nathalie Daoust / "China Dolls"

As part of FOTOGRAFIA - International Festival of Rome, ILEX presents the new work of the Canadian artist Nathalie Daoust, China Dolls.
The twelfth edition of PHOTOGRAPHY explores the theme of Vacatio, Or of suspension and absence, crosses the research in the different languages ​​of contemporary photography.

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Crucial. Crosses + 21 1 / 2 Giulio Iacchetti from June to July 7 2012, di Lombardia, Enna Castle

The contemporary design copyright between the times of the largest medieval castle in Sicily. The travel and emigration, issues of the case in the shape of a cross, a gift to the city for the 600 ° Patrona "Bread and design," the keynote address to the students of the University Kore (1 June)

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