Crucial. Crosses + 21 1 / 2 Giulio Iacchetti from June to July 7 2012, di Lombardia, Enna Castle

Crucial. Crosses + 21 1 / 2 Giulio Iacchetti from June to July 7 2012, di Lombardia, Enna Castle it has been modified: 2024-05-15 di Benedetto Fiori

The contemporary design copyright between the times of the largest medieval castle in Sicily. The travel and emigration, issues of the case in the shape of a cross, a gift to the city for the 600 ° Patrona "Bread and design," the keynote address to the students of the University Kore (1 June)

After the Diocesan Museum of Milan and the Church of Santo Stefano Rotondo in Rome, the exhibition Crucial. Crosses + 21 1 industrial designer Giulio Iacchetti, arrives in Enna, which will be open from June to 2 7 July under the vaults of the majestic medieval Castello di Lombardia, the oldest and largest Sicilian fortress, with over two thousand years of history.
The exhibition, with free admission, is included as part of the celebrations organized in Enna for 600 anniversary of the patron saint, Our Lady of the Visitation, whose simulacrum, says the legend, in 1412 from Venice was brought to Enna.

With the care of Beppe Finessi, on display are the 21 crosses the famous designer - awarded the Compasso d'Oro in 2001 and with work on display at MoMA in New York (dormice, laid-purpose and biodegradable) - has made starting from the consideration that contemporary design is no longer just the material sphere of our existence: objects that meet the criteria of aesthetics, practicality and ergonomics to fulfill daily tasks. But also respond to functions related to emotional, sentimental and spiritual.


So the sign of the cross, primordial symbol common to cultures distant in space and time. North, south, east, west; the wind rose; the mathematical sign of the addition or the one to do it on the bread to rise; the pillars and beams of the buildings, the trees and their branches, the human body with open arms, the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. The cross is the archetype, icon full of meanings which, because of its extreme simplicity - the horizontal line meets the vertical one - has always inspired the genius of artists and architects. And now also the designer. As the curator explains Finessi: "A search, to Iacchetti Crucial for the exhibition, which goes even further, around a theme, the cross, the Christian symbol and a sign on which we reflect for two thousand years he imagined in twenty ways different: another yet another demonstration of how the project will be not only a solution to functional needs or commercial requests, but can become a way to talk about their way of seeing and being in the "things" of the world, even those who observe often silent, even those we see looking inward. "


Designed, found, disvelate the twenty crosses Iacchetti cross and redesign materials and functions: from silver to wrought iron, blown glass to carbon fiber, from clay to paper, from the track for electric cars up to a quilted mattress, too cross, to indulge exhausted to sleep, with open arms like babies, after the labors of the day. Works that Iacchetti get for addition or subtraction of elements. Or experiencing, thanks to technology (some are just prototypes), constructive alternatives with the materials chosen.
Giulio Iacchetti will also dedicate an original creation to the city of Enna, as already done for Milan and Rome. This is the cross in the shape of a suitcase: rigid, made of cardboard, with reinforced corners like those used by emigrants who in the early years of the twentieth century left Italy, Sicily to reach the New World, the Americas. "I wanted to dedicate this cross for Enna to the journey - explains Iacchetti - for many reasons: the stop in southern Italy of this traveling exhibition, a tribute to the memory of generations of Sicilians, to their cross of emigrants, distant forever from their land, and finally for the celebration of the Madonna della Visitazione, patron saint of Enna who, pregnant, set out on a journey to reach her cousin Elisabetta ”.
During your stay in Sicily, where it will be busy with the staff of his study presentation of the exhibition at the Castello di Lombardia, Iacchetti meet students of Engineering and Architecture, University of Enna Kore (1 June at 10, Auditorium of the Faculty) for a lecture on "Bread and Design".
The exhibition “Crucial. 21 Croci + 1 "is created with the patronage of the Regional Department for Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity - BBCCAA Superintendency of Enna, the Regional Province, the Municipality and Ersu (Regional Body for the Right to University Education) of Enna and the ADI, Association for Industrial Design (Sicily Delegation) and with the contribution of the Sicilia Outlet Village.



Title: CRUCIAL. Crosses + 21 1
Author: Giulio Iacchetti
Edited by: Beppe Finessi
Graphic design: Leonardo Sonnoli | Tassinari / Vetta
Catalog: Corraini

Where: Enna - Castello di Lombardia | Via Nino Savarese | tel. 380.37.45.074
When: 2 from June to July 7 2012
Opening: Friday June 1 2012, 18 hours
Timetables: From Tuesday to Sunday | from the 10 18 | free admission

With the support of:
Regional Department of Cultural Heritage and Sicilian Identity - Superintendence BB.CC.AA. Enna
Regional Province of Enna
City of Enna
ADI - Association for Industrial Design Delegation of Sicily

With the support of: Sicily Outlet Village
Partner event: G2 | Association In The Light of the Sun | Protagonismo University

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