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Baldi is launching a new international competition for young artists. Called "Untitled"

Baldi launches a new international competition for young artists.

Called "Untitled", the contest is an annual event designed to give an opportunity for artists to deal with new forms of expression that found art, craftsmanship and ability to compete with private clients of international and exclusive as Baldi Home Jewels.

The first edition of the competition 2013 "Untitled" is for Baldi Home Jewels tribute to their ancestor artist Vincenzo Consani, founder of the Florentine fashion house and is born from the desire to give a new impulse to the artistic expression of the Company. For artists, the competition is the opportunity to see realized their works

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JOY LIGHT is the collection of luminous objects Leonardo Boni di Baldi Home Jewels ed Elizabeth Cianfanelli dell 'University of Florence They presented in Milan at Salone del Mobile 2013. JOY LIGHT It is the fruit of the work of a university interdisciplinary laboratory where knowledge to craft meets the most advanced technologies to study together innovative projects Made in Italy.

And 'This is the objective with which he was born, in the Design College Campus, Red Design Lab, 12 Space - Which is responsible for the scientific teacher Architect Elizabeth Cianfanelli.

In synergy, the company and universities have designed and built the JOY LIGHT bright objects collection, studying a new technological application system that allows a 'Wireless lighting and without batteries, With a range of 5 hours thanks to a system of induction charging.

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