Salone del Mobile 2015

New Fabbian collection, Euroluce 2015.

1 amb Eyes
New Fabbian collection, Euroluce 2015. it has been modified: 2016-06-06 di Benedict Flowers

Matali Crasset, Constance Guisset, Flynn Talbot, Pellegrini Mengato + Design, among the designers of the new collection FabbianRecently presenata Euroluce 2015.

Eyes 02

Eyes, design: Matali Crasset

A bubble of glass and light, its shape resembles that of a loudspeaker that diffuses a clear and decisive energy through the glass.

Eyes 03

Eyes 04

F34B0101 n

Loop Design: Constance Guisset

Loop is a dancing lamp, which hovers in the air with elegance and grace, exerting a sweet charm through the movement of its shapes.
The fine and delicate glass brings lightness to this strange flying, Loop floats peacefully in infinity, swings gently as if in open space, like the hem of a skirt moved by the wind or the agile transport of a jellyfish in the sea.

This collection of lamps is suitable for most environments and lends itself to embellish spaces at best classic and modern characterizing them with his refined taste but particular.

1 amb Loop

2 amb Loop

loop 01

loop 02

Polair and Polair multispot, design: Flynn Talbot

rogettata to give a physical presence to the invisible rays, Polair capture the magic of light.
The glass traces the shape of the beam creating a very soft and delicate quality of light, excellent for giving the right atmosphere to the environment. The angle of the light is perfectly shaped to meet the diffuser in which reflections are controlled and emphasized the fluctuating sensations that the lamp itself recreates.
Polair is a pendant lamp transparent with an elegant detail in sandblasted glass, ideal to embellish the interior both private and public.

The collection consists of a suspension available in one size for indoor use. The diffuser is in borosilicate glass (Pyrex®) sandblasted on the bottom. The electrification is at mains voltage for LEDs with integrated dimmable power supply.

The continuous search of exclusivity has brought to light a lamp shaped personalized, unique, precious: Multispot. This particular modular system was created to give the designer the possibility to determine the heights of the speakers and the position of the light spots then adjusting the lamp to the project. The product can be adapted perfectly to any environment thanks to the variety of sizes of the rose window and is ideal to embellish large spaces giving a charming and evocative. On request lamps Multispot are fully customizable.

The collection consists of Polair suspensions for internal.
The ceiling roses, of different shapes and sizes, are in white powder coated aluminum and can be supplied with the maximum holes provided, or they can be customized on request. The Polair diffusers, supplied in 3 lengths of electric cable, are made up of conical elements in borosilicate glass (Pyrex®) sandblasted on the bottom. The electrification is at mains voltage for LEDs.

1 amb Polair

Polair 01

Polair 02

Polair 03

Pua, design: Pellegrini Mengato + Design

Technically simple and formal: this is the concept that led Puà, the collection of pacer signed Pellegrini Mengato + Design.
The structure consists of a small envelope from whose sides two “brushstrokes” of light emerge; an asymmetrical front cut enriches the design, creating a defined luminous sign.
Puà is not only a courtesy path marker, but an object that embellishes the environment in which it is inserted: it is the ideal solution to illuminate an entrance corridor, a living room or the steps of a staircase, but it can also be used As a wall light to discreetly and elegantly illuminate service areas.

The collection consists of a wall lamp available in one size only in white, anthracite gray and satin burnished, to be installed indoors. The lighting body is in painted aluminum, the light is diffused from the front cut and from the sides through two polycarbonate diffusers. The electrification is at mains voltage for LEDs.

1 amb Puà

Pua 02

Quarter 02

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