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Opening words, 2015 collection

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Opening words, 2015 collection it has been modified: 2016-06-06 di Benedict Flowers

Incipit presented at Milan Design Week 2015 a new series of objects from the fluid form and lively, suitable to furnish ironically both domestic environments as those working.

The collection is the result of the collaboration with young designers, to underline the talent scouting and research undertaken by the company.

Objects with clear shapes and a choice of simple materials, of natural origin and all worked in Italy by the expert hands of skilled artisans, in respect of what is the soul of the company, proud ambassador of Made in Italy. In this second collection Incipit has favored natural wood, ceramics, metals and has welcomed a new material: concrete.

The collection was exhibited in preview at Ventura XV in a minimal environment but with a strong personality. Two great plans to recreate two tables banned party to emphasize the joyful spirit and friendly atmosphere that characterizes the Milanese brand. The soft lining of tables rises, supported by metal structures, recreating scenes scenic theatrical flavor, perfect presentations in which expose the Lighting Collection.

2015 The collection consists of seven new items, a series exclusively for sale on the web and two new finishes of cult objects.

There are two proposals for Ilaria Innocenti, designer and art director of Incipit. Farm are three shelves by the three-dimensional shape, made folderizzando a panel plywood worked as if it were a sheet of paper. Used as a shelf or table, create graphic scenes by combining different types of wood.
Refers instead to the tradition, Canasta, The metal container with the cage, of two dimensions. Coated with paint food, is perfect as a container table and iconic if hanging on the wall.

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It is by Paola Monaco di Arianello and Laura Pessoni, designers in their first collaboration with Incipit, il umbrella ceramic and cement Vide. The idea arises from the observation of a simple and instinctive gesture such as putting away an umbrella and translates into neutral elements that integrate with the environment by taking up the construction materials. Ceramics and concrete were applied to the organic forms of the two compositional elements: the soft and welcoming top, the solid and compact base. A wooden accessory, for hanging small umbrellas, completes the project: an element with essential lines integrates with the softness of the ceramic top.

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The hand of Thomas Caldera signs the new proposal from the Lighting Collection: Apple. The project was born with the attempt to investigate the typology of nomadic lamps. The result is a floor lamp with indirect light composed of two main elements that are distinct from both a material and formal point of view: a turned metal diffuser that houses the light source and a curved and milled wooden handle that embraces the diffuser. .
The handle allows you to move the lamp and at the same time keep it in balance, while the diffuser directs the light and welcomes the bulb. The two elements, indispensable to each other, create a perfect union.

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You Manuela Di Loreto, designers present Incipit in the beginning, the project Oasis. Family of borosilicate glass that wants to ennoble and embellish the classic kitchen items. A wooden lid closes the container enriched in the larger models of a small vase and a bubble in the glass. Oasis is characterized by soft lines that give it a fresh and ethereal in the glass parts, engaging and decided in the wooden parts. An object destined to become iconic and enhance any home.

The absolute novelty of the 2015 Collection is the Pop Series: a collection of 4 objects characterized by bright colors and soft shapes. The collection is on sale exclusively on Incipit e-commerce - to underline the company's innovative way of doing business. The Pop Series includes: Clip, Pomo, Click and Buzz.

Already in the debut collection, created by Clip Sovrappensiero, declines the traditionally understood clock, enriching it with a clamp to attach to protruding parts of the house or office such as doors, handles, shelves or bookcases. The clamp allows you to position the watch in any way and resembles a pendulum or the wheel to give the charge.

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Pomo, ceramic candle holder, recalls a round, juicy and ripe fruit. The object designed by Maria Jennifer Carew, a young designer who has recently arrived at Incipit, has a joyful and carefree soul, it brings to mind flowery fields and spring scents. The colors, the soft and clean lines make the use of candles at the table informal.

Raul Frollà, designer who has already signed a project for the debut collection, has come up with a desk set that does not take itself too seriously. Scotch, pens and pencils are not dissonant elements with the object that contains them, but on the contrary they complete the aesthetics, making it traceable to that of electronic devices that are familiar to us. The starting point is a worked wooden block where, depending on the inserts shown, it is possible to obtain two different products: Click, camera (scotch roll holder), and Buzz, radio (pen holder and business cards).

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Incipit brings two complements of great success, presenting new finishes: it is the Gleam candle holders and lamp Tull.

The glass candle holder Gleam created by Filippo Castellani is invested with new finishes mirrored bronze, copper and chromium that make spectacular approached the transparent finishes of 2014, iconic and timeless alone.
Tommaso Caldera instead proposes a new graphic design of Tull. The suspension and floor lamp, born from a reinterpretation of the old lamps that were usually found in workshops or industrial warehouses, is embellished with a metal finish, which emphasizes the vintage inspiration giving it an elegant appearance. Two materials such as copper and nickel come together and are offered in glossy and matt finishes, creating an object with a strong and refined character, perfect for large environments.

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