Vito Nesta tells us about the 2017 design week and her creations exposed

Vito Nesta, Botanical wallpaper for Devon & Devon
Botanical wallpaper for Devon & Devon
Vito Nesta tells us about the 2017 design week and her creations exposed it has been modified: +2017 di Benedict Flowers

Vito Nesta is one of the emerging designers we follow more attentively, we have often written about his articles and last year we went to meet him, we invite you to go see The interview where he talks about his encounter with design and stories and emotions, which then came from products.

About two months after the closing of the Mobile Show 2017 we contacted him to retrace the design week and to get acquainted with the creations, the result of collaborations with different companies, exposed for the occasion.

SDM: How did this year's design week look like this, have you noticed something changed or new?

Vito Nesta: This year, according to me, there were many interesting projects on the off-road rather than on the fair.
I noticed a different way to do fair, the public is more attracted by the allure that a project has around and very often at the fair there is not. On the other hand, the Galleries, the unusual spaces that come back to life for this occasion, are increasingly followed by fuorisalone. In short, there is more possibility of giving a project an atmosphere, an emotion.

SDM: During the week of the salon you always have the feeling of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and losing something important, there have been objects you think lucky to have seen or are you sorry not to see?

Vito Nesta: During the salon you are overwhelmed by a multitude of images and projects, it is very often very difficult to be able to give the project the right attention. I stopped being bulimic and I tried to see as much as I can, I go and look, if I lose something I'll find it again in the magazines.

SDM: Did you tell us that you have submitted about 40 projects, in what spans these creations, is there a thread that matches them?

Vito Nesta: The projects carried out range from Devon & Devon and Roche Bobois wallpapers to Capodimonte Porcelain for Fratelli Majello, from Les-Ottomans carpets to Mirrors for Secondo Editions with Glass Effect.
All are united by craftsmanship and decoration.

SDM: What new projects do you represent the most?

Vito Nesta: All projects represent me because each of them, once born, is like a child.
Some have given me more or less satisfaction but everyone belongs to me.

SDM: Now you work and live in Milan, but you've been studying in Florence, is there something behind you in this city?

Vito Nesta: Florence is a city I love so much, I have lived the most carefree years of my youth and always come back with great joy. From Florence I bring the first experiences in contact with artisans, this has become a feature of my work.

SDM: What has changed in your job last year?

Vito Nesta: In my work I feel that decoration belongs to me very much as a form of language and moreover I am more interested in working with the world of collecting.

SDM: We've been very impressed with your project Putti capodimonte, A simple gesture of great effect, blurry. Although not one of the novelties of the 2017 show, can you tell us more about the genesis of this idea?

Vito Nesta: The Putti is a project that I keep a lot of. I met the Majello factory in 2015 and at the end of 2016 Valentina Guidi Ottobri of Luisa Via Roma asked me for a piece of ceramic for the Brilliant Ceramics exhibition. I asked Majello if we could reinterpret a piece of their historical collection and they were very enthusiastic.

Working on that piece that had more than a century of history was a real emotion, those bastards just needed to be brought to light with a contemporary dress. By removing all the reddish-colored flowers and wreaths, rather redundant, and the tambourines that were in the hands of the angels and inserting them in place of these fishes, finally dyeing it with random green-colored brush strokes with gold accents, came out an awesome piece.

SDM: For the future on which projects are you working?

Vito Nesta: For the future I am working on collections of furnishing accessories such as tableware and tableware and pieces of art design for Galleries.

SDM: A type of object on which you have not worked yet but would you like to face it?

Vito Nesta: I would really like to work on Murano glass tableware.

Vito Nesta, Ripped mirror

Mirrored mirror for Secondome Editions with Glass Effect

Vito Nesta, Silk Road wallpaper

Way Of Silk wallpaper for Texturae

Vito Nesta, tropical wallpaper forest

Tropical forest wallpaper for Roche Bobois

Vito Nesta, the hand

Anatomica collection for My home collection, hand

Vito Nesta, Exotic Fish Collection

Exotic collection for Fratelli Majello, fish

Vito Nest, Exotic Collection Parrot

Exotic collection for brothers Majello, parrot

Vito Nesta, Turquerie single rug

Turquerie single rug for Les-Ottomans

Vito Nesta, turquerie paon rug

Turquerie paon rug for Les-Ottomans

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