Mey and Boaz Kahn / ecooler

Mey and Boaz Kahn / ecooler it has been modified: 2011-02-15 di Benedict Flowers

ecooler, the draft Mey and Boaz Kahn, Is a kind of system of tiles connected by fittings creating a grid of cooling which works by evaporating the water. The aesthetics of the project is that of one of the two landmarks of traditional Middle East used in this project: the Mashrabiya, an element

architecture that serves as a mediator between the inside and the outside. In ECOoler, the Mashrabiya is modeled and transformed into a system of pipes that takes its cue from another important element of the Middle Eastern tradition: la Jara.
The Jara is a jug containing the cooling water, it works for evaporation of the water that seeps through the clay.




Street: Yanko Design

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