I-RADIUM, wood heating up respecting you and the environment

I-RADIUM, wood heating up respecting you and the environment it has been modified: 2012-11-04 di

A new reality in the field of heating. I-Radium is a revolutionary new concept of heating that combines a living material and as wood to infrared technology.
The I-Radium radiators are real furnishing accessories, unique, able to achieve an optimal balance between functionality and beauty, high technology and respect for the environment.

The infrared system first heated objects and the people who inhabit the environment and then heat the air: this means that you have not just turned a sensation of heat on their bodies and the objects that surround us. The infrared rays are dynamic in nature, when "hit" an object heat it and "bounce" on the object near creating a continuous heat exchange.

The I-Radium radiators are characterized by lightness and simplicity of shapes in a perfect synthesis of elegant design style and practicality.

Thanks to infrared technology will be able to get a hot environment while maintaining a temperature less than that which is forced to reach with a plant run.

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