Giuseppe Bunyesc / The first passive house in Spain

Giuseppe Bunyesc / The first passive house in Spain it has been modified: 2011-04-30 di jessica zannori

We recently learned through the El País, which was the first certified passive house in Spain (PHPP). The insulated building that saves up to 90% of energy consumption. The architect of this project

it is Giuseppe Bunyesc who after completing a master in sustainable architecture in Belgium, made the prototype with excellent results. In fact, this residence on the outskirts of Lleida includes not only the traditional ecological criteria (solar panels, good insulation, etc.), but also offers a construction system, with prefabricated self-supporting elements in wood, to complete the works within a few weeks and, of course , for dry construction. The pillar structure is enclosed in recycled wood planks (OSB) which form the internal cladding. The exterior walls are made of wood fiber panels, and there are nearly 20 cm of wool to maintain the temperature of the house.





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