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A CITY IN HOUSE it has been modified: 2012-08-11 di Steel Life

In a world where the urban environment is gaining space and importance, the elements that help to identify it inspired the creation of a new collection of home accessories.
The online Urban Life brand Steel Life, created with the aim of interpreting the furniture in an innovative way, through a theme that has strong interactions intellectual, emotional and social, because it reflects the modern cities, stirs emotions and creates a sense of belonging.

The new collection also sees the use of new materials, such as ceramics and glass, always in conjunction with the steel, the main material of the series and always considered by Steel Life feedstock noble for its long duration over time and therefore eco- compatibility.

Line Urban Life created by the group of designers Turin Studio 06 (Roberto Guadrini, Massimo Guglielmotto and Paolo Mattiolo), materializes objects vision urban and metro, which reflects the characteristics of the most important cities in the world.

Urban Life is characterized by some unique requirements:

  1. High quality and durable materials.
  2. Modern design with a strong personality.
  3. Materials Eco - compatible.
  4. Easy installation in both outdoor and indoor.

Urban Life objects are made with craftsmanship, which guarantee the highest quality and aesthetic.

The special metallic paint Steel is approached in a wise and innovative with ceramic inserts or molded glass, giving each item a totally innovative and unique.

The collection Urban Life consists of ten items, including libraries wall, tables, umbrella stands, magazine racks and hangers.

We cater to an attentive audience the visual image of the piece of furniture, intended as the subject of beautification of high quality that will last over time.

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