"Tribute to Elsa" Catuma the capsule collection inspired by the style of Elsa Schiaparelli

"Tribute to Elsa" Catuma the capsule collection inspired by the style of Elsa Schiaparelli it has been modified: 2015-07-06 di socialdesign magazine

The designers of Catuma were inspired by the style of Elsa Schiaparelli to draw un'eclusiva capsule collection of glasses made of steel, with front slate pink, embellished with brass decorations.

XNUMX Elsa Schiaparelli, is still considered a pioneer of prêt-à-porter, for its extraordinary inventiveness, taste and innovation, as well as for reinventing fashion, setting up the first "shows", the fashion shows, or for having deconstructed the idea of ​​a woman "closed" in her clothes, introducing visible hinges.

Lover of unusual fabrics, decorations and bright colors, such as the shocking pink she invented, she broke the mold, inspiring over the years, artists in all fields, including Salvador Dali, with whom he collaborated giving life to the famous creations like the lobster painted on the skirt of a white dress or the shoe-hat.

His playing with volumes and fabrics generated the "skeleton dress", in which the matelassé fabric simulated the vertebral column and human ribs.

Just to his surrealism, to the desire to go further, to his sense of the marvelous free from the control of reason and morals, as well as to his class and innate taste, Catuma dedicates a special edition. Like her, who loved to experiment with materials, including the glass with which she made a dress, or the plexiglass, with which he forged the visionary bijoux for the time, the brand mixes materials and styles and plays with inlays and decorations , putting together steel, brass and stone, obviously declined in its favorite color: pink.

The special edition "Tribute to Elsa", presents a steel core, with a thin and imperceptible pink slate front: forty unique pieces, enriched by a brass decoration on one side of the front that recalls the embroidery present in the collections of the years '30 of the designer.

The special edition "Tribute to Elsa" leads the new collection that Catuma will present in September 2015



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