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Balanus It is the seating system with which the designer Simona Sacchi won SUN.LAB 2012 "For a creative Outdoor- Nature Inside"

"Balanus takes its name from the natural element that inspired the Balanus Amphitrite, a crustacean from the body calcareous conical, who lives in major groups of land site between the level of high and low tide. The project aims to convey the theme of the combination found in nature, as a dominant feature of the modus vivendi in the animal world, just think of the herds, the flocks of birds, schools of fish. The project is presented as a "colony of sessions", as composed of four different locations of different sizes. Balanus capture so the appearance of the community, aggregation of the natural, exploiting it in favor of the human world. The multiple seating is designed for stopovers, as a base for contract environments to facilitate interaction and socialization among people. This happens thanks to a dynamic fruition of the complement, determined by an unusual distribution of the stations. The material used is polyethylene, white as to approach more to Barnacle, and in several bright colors in reference to the marine world and the target of places for which it was intended. "

designer: Simona Sacchi

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